“I am a warrior”: Erik ten Hag stands strong after Newcastle embarrasses Manchester United.

Erik ten Hag remains steadfast in his determination and believes he has the ability to turn things around for Manchester United following their elimination from the Carabao Cup by Newcastle.

United suffered their second consecutive 3-0 defeat at home, following Sunday’s loss against Manchester City. This is the first time this has occurred since October 1962. Ten Hag’s team has also been defeated in five out of their first ten matches at Old Trafford, which is a record not seen since 1930.

The interviewer inquired if it was crucial for Ten Hag to have time. “I am a determined individual and I understand that success is not guaranteed. We have faced many challenges this season,” stated the Dutch coach. “However, it is important to handle these setbacks and never use them as an excuse.”

“I have previously expressed this sentiment. Despite encountering obstacles, it is still important to achieve results. Sunday and tonight’s performance fell short of that, so we must execute at a certain standard- the bare minimum required to secure victories.”

During a recent interview, Ten Hag was questioned about the criticism he has received from external pundits regarding his capability to lead United. He acknowledged that when the team is not achieving desired results, it’s natural for people to question his abilities. However, he remains confident in his skills and track record. He has successfully managed at all his previous clubs and even last year at United, but currently the team is struggling. He takes full responsibility for the situation.

I view it as a test. I am determined to persevere and I am actively participating in the battle. It is my duty to share the accountability with my players and unite with them to strive for improvement and achieve better outcomes.

Miguel Almirón, Lewis Hall, and Joe Willock scored due to poor defense by United. Ten Hag expressed disappointment in Manchester United’s subpar performance and emphasized the need for improvement.

Eddie Howe expressed his satisfaction. “The players gave a huge performance, and I cannot praise them enough,” he stated.

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In the quarter-finals of the tournament, Newcastle were selected to play against Chelsea at an away match. Meanwhile, West Ham, who eliminated Arsenal, will be traveling to play against Liverpool.

Source: theguardian.com

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