Novak Djokovic defeated Hubert Hurkacz in the ATP Finals, according to live updates.

Novak Djokovic may become irritated with an on-court interviewer, although it may not happen immediately.

The official website for the ATP Finals.

ATP Finals.

Based on the information from the official website, Hurkacz’s sole motivation for playing is to earn ranking points and potentially defeating the current world No 1. However, tournament regulations prohibit an alternate player who has only competed once from advancing to the final four.

In the 2021 Wimbledon tournament, Roger Federer won in consecutive sets.

Now, here comes Djokovic, wearing a stylish green tracksuit jacket.

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The enthusiastic audience in Turin cheered on the team to a victory in three sets.

If Djokovic is unable to defeat Hubert Hurkacz today and Holger Rune wins against Sinner tonight, he may be eliminated from the group stage of the ATP Finals. The final standings of the Green Group may also be determined by a complicated tiebreak involving these players.

Polish player Hurkacz will be participating in a single game in Turin as a replacement for injured Stefanos Tsitsipas. Despite being an alternate, ranked 9th in the world, he could pose a significant threat with his strong serve if he gets in his groove.

Djokovic may see losing a single match as unlucky, but losing two might be seen as careless. Will he secure a spot in the semi-finals with a win?

The match will begin at 1:30pm in the UK.


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