Suella Braverman claims that Rishi Sunak made undisclosed commitments in order to gain her support.

Suella Braverman has launched a devastating attack on Rishi Sunak the day after he sacked her as home secretary.

The prime minister allegedly entered into a confidential agreement to enforce significant conservative measures in order to gain support during the 2022 Tory leadership race. However, Braverman accused her of “betraying” the nation by not following through with these promises on Tuesday evening.

In a harsh three-page letter of resignation, she stated that Sunak had consistently failed to implement policies such as reducing immigration, preventing small boats from crossing the Channel, enacting post-Brexit laws, and strengthening guidance for schools on transgender issues.

“I agreed to become the home secretary in October 2022 under specific terms,” she stated. “Our agreement was not just a casual agreement made during a meal, to be disregarded when convenient and denied when questioned.”

According to insiders, Braverman’s associates stated that the deal was made after Liz Truss left No 10 and while Sunak was defending against Boris Johnson’s return. They also mentioned that others were present as witnesses and that Sunak kept a copy of the agreement.

Sunak emerged as the victor of the Conservative party leadership race after Johnson withdrew. In front of Downing Street, he pledged to lead a government that upholds “integrity, professionalism, and accountability” for the nation.

Braverman, who was reinstated by Sunak despite being sacked by Truss just six days earlier over a national security breach, wrote: “Despite you having been rejected by a majority of party members during the summer leadership contest and thus having no personal mandate to be prime minister, I agreed to support you because of the firm assurances you gave me on key policy priorities.

In October 2022, you agreed to clear terms outlined in this document during your second campaign for leadership. I placed my trust in you and it is widely acknowledged that my support played a crucial role in your victory and subsequent appointment as prime minister.

I have been the home secretary for a year now and during this time, I have sent multiple letters to you regarding the important topics outlined in our agreement. I have also requested to have discussions with you and your team about these matters and have proposed ways to achieve our goals.

I formulated the legal guidance, detailed policies, and recommended actions for addressing these problems. However, my efforts were often met with indecision, dismissal, and disinterest.

“You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies. Either your distinctive style of government means you are incapable of doing so. Or, as I must surely conclude now, you never had any intention of keeping your promises.”

Sunak’s reaction to the pro-Palestine protests drew criticism from Braverman, resulting in her dismissal from her position. She described his response as “indecisive, feeble, and lacking the necessary qualities of effective leadership for our nation.”

She also asserted that Sunak’s promise to “halt the influx of boats” is likely to be unsuccessful, regardless of the outcome of the Rwanda ruling in the supreme court on Wednesday.

The former home secretary stated that in the event of the government’s defeat, the prime minister would have essentially “wasted” a year on the Illegal Migration Act, only to end up back where they started.

Your belief in magical thinking, that you can handle this situation without going against popular opinion, has resulted in your failure to create a viable backup plan.

She stated that she offered her own reliable contingency plan, which is believed to be an emergency law amendment to allow for flights to proceed. She emphasized that without this plan, there is no chance of flights before the next election if the court rules against them. However, she did not receive a response.

She stated, “I can only assume that this is because you lack the desire to do what is required, and consequently, have no genuine intention of fulfilling your promise to the British citizens.”

The authorities have requested a statement from Downing Street.


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