Due to powerful winds and limited staff, there are currently delays at Heathrow airport.

Travelers at Heathrow airport are experiencing delays due to air traffic control limitations caused by high winds and staffing issues.

On Sunday, disgruntled travelers voiced their frustrations on social media, claiming their flights had been postponed or called off.

According to Heathrow airport, flight schedules have been slightly altered due to strong winds.

Today, there is a prediction of powerful winds. Although there may be some adjustments to the schedule due to the weather, we want to assure passengers that our team is closely coordinating with our airline and air traffic control partners to ensure their safe and efficient travels. This statement was made by a spokesperson for the airport.

The representative advised travelers to consult their airline for the most recent updates.

Nats reported that limited personnel and adverse weather conditions were contributing to the issue. In a statement, Nats stated, “Temporary air traffic control restrictions are currently enforced at Heathrow due to unexpected staff absences and high winds. We anticipate an improvement in the situation later today. We are diligently working with Heathrow airport and airlines to reduce any disruptions.”

Passengers must verify their flight’s status with their airline. These limitations are implemented solely for safety purposes and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

British Airways announced that due to the imposed air traffic control restrictions at London Heathrow, they have been obligated to make certain modifications to their short-haul schedule. According to a spokesperson, “We regret any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.”

“We have reached out to impacted customers to apologize and provide them with the choice of rebooking or receiving a full refund.”

Source: theguardian.com

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