. Approximately 100 youth were involved in confrontations with law enforcement in Edinburgh.

On Sunday evening in Edinburgh, approximately 100 individuals under the age of 30 engaged in confrontations with law enforcement. The group hurled petrol bombs and fireworks at the officers.

At approximately 5pm, riot police were assaulted in the Niddrie section of the city, where there were previous instances of youth-related violence in the past year.

Aerial video captured a group of law enforcement personnel equipped with riot shields positioned in front of police cars with flashing blue lights, as a confrontation unfolded on Hay Avenue. A crowd of youth gathered on the grass in front of them and started hurling pyrotechnics.

Edinburgh council’s leader, Cammy Day, cautioned that they could potentially be prosecuted.

Police Scotland officers standing in a line in the Niddrie area of Edinburgh where about 100 young people clashed with riot police

A representative from Police Scotland stated that officers present are currently facing assaults with fireworks, petrol bombs, and other objects. The public is advised to stay away from the area while the situation is being dealt with.

Specialist officers, who are part of Operation Moonbeam, are currently assisting local police in Edinburgh’s Hay Avenue area. This is in response to reports of a large group of young people misusing fireworks and causing disturbances.

Currently, the police are actively responding to ensure the safety of the public and emergency service workers. As a precaution, local roads have been closed.

According to PA Media, the Niddrie community was plagued by motorcycle gangs during Bonfire Night last year, with reports of fireworks being thrown on the streets.

In 2018, the police in Scotland launched Operation Moonbeam in order to address the chaos that often occurs on Bonfire Night. On Tuesday, riot police were called to Kirkton in Dundee when it was reported that children as young as 10 were setting off fireworks.

Source: theguardian.com

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