Jared Leto, the ultimate attention seeker, scales the Empire State Building.


The conclusion of the Sag-Aftra strike is undeniably positive for the film industry. With all parties involved now working towards the same goal after several months of division, Hollywood can once again strive to regain some of its pre-pandemic success. This is also advantageous for the actors involved.

Following the end of the strike, actors are now able to openly discuss their work. One instance of this is Lily Gladstone, who recently posted an 11-tweet thread addressing the potential impact of generational grief on Native American women and youth while watching the film “Killers of the Flower Moon”. This is something she has been eager to share for several months.

The conclusion of the strike marks a significant moment for Jared Leto, as he can now resume conducting regular interviews rather than resorting to attention-seeking stunts like scaling the Empire State Building. I am sharing this information because Leto has actually scaled the Empire State Building as a publicity stunt.

‘Fascinated with the incredible landmark since he was a child’ … Leto in action.

You may have a few inquiries at this stage. The concise response to all of them is “for attention”. However, here are the more detailed explanations: on Thursday, Leto scaled the Empire State Building, reportedly becoming the first individual to accomplish this feat. This was in preparation for his band’s upcoming tour. In an official press release from Live Nation, it was stated: “Leto has always been captivated by this iconic landmark since childhood, stating that ‘The building is a testament to what can be achieved in the world if we put our minds to it,’ which is a major inspiration for our latest album, It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day.”

This statement suggests that the album “It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day” either explores the power of collective accomplishments or expresses frustration about feeling ignored.

However, it is possible that there is another factor at play. The band Thirty Seconds to Mars has a large fanbase, so it is likely that they could have achieved the same ticket sales through email communication. Additionally, it should be noted that Leto is known for his affinity for abstract ideas, so let us consider the various possibilities.

Was anybody watching? … Leto tops out.

Leto has been chosen to portray King Kong and it should not be dismissed. Throughout his career, Leto has become known for fully immersing himself in the method acting process, often showcasing extreme behavior. It is speculated that Leto’s upcoming role as King Kong in a potential award-winning film called Monkey Trauma is the reason behind his recent stunt at the Empire State Building. Keep an eye out for other indications that this is indeed the case. Has Leto’s appearance become more hairy? Is he involved in a rivalry with a giant atomic lizard? Has he abducted any women? These are all significant hints.

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Leto has expressed interest in being cast in a Mission: Impossible movie, which seems plausible. When Leto was seen climbing the Empire State Building, you may have initially thought, “Take a break, you’re not Tom Cruise.” After all, if anyone was going to climb the Empire State Building, it would be Cruise – without a harness and while on fire. However, maybe this was all part of Leto’s plan. The last Mission: Impossible film did not perform as well as expected in theaters, and when this happened before with Mission: Impossible III, Paramount brought in Jeremy Renner as a possible replacement for Cruise. Leto’s daring stunt could be his way of proving to Hollywood that he is the true successor to Cruise and deserves a role in the next Mission: Impossible movie. Hopefully this is not the case though, as it would be considered one of the worst ideas ever.

Option three: It seems that Leto is seeking attention with this behavior. Yes, it is indeed this option. Leto scaled the Empire State Building because he becomes anxious if he is not receiving attention from others. Perhaps someone should invite him onto a talkshow to address his feelings.

Source: theguardian.com

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