Review of Flying Lotus: The pioneer of electronic music showcases his incredible talent.


Not many individuals can claim to have provided music for a Netflix series, collaborated with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Thom Yorke, and Herbie Hancock, established a renowned electronic record label, received a Grammy award, and currently be directing a science fiction film in Hollywood. Flying Lotus has achieved all of this, and despite dedicating time to his film career, this single performance proves that the musician is still committed to getting people on their feet.

Flying Lotus’ most beloved songs, such as his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on “Never Catch Me” and 2010’s “Zodiac Shit,” as well as “Black Gold” and “Pain and Blood” from the animated series Yasuke produced by Flying Lotus, receive an enthusiastic response from the audience as they sing along in unison. However, it is when Lotus feels free to explore and experiment that he is truly content.

In the middle of the performance, he decreases the volume to address the audience, saying “if I’m not having fun, neither are you,” and then transitions into an energetic, provocative live DJ mix. The glitchy, percussion-heavy track “5.23.19” by Mono/Poly from Brainfeeder immediately gets the audience dancing; what was once a crowd of mostly still bodies with nodding heads turns into a wave of bent knees and swaying arms trying to keep up with the booming 808 basslines. Shortly after, the audience is treated to Waajeed’s “Power in Numbers” – a funky house song that brings smiles and gets hearts racing.

Sometimes, his experimentation with multiple genres may seem overly ambitious and rushed. It would be beneficial if he spent more time focusing on specific elements such as a repeating breakbeat, bassline, vocal, or synth-heavy track. However, he quickly moves on to the next sound without allowing the audience enough time to fully immerse themselves in the music. Despite this, his impressive talent and versatility never fail to impress, with audible “wows” and intense reactions when the beat drops. Flying Lotus showcases his exceptional musicianship, creating a haven for ravers in the heart of the city and transporting London’s working class out of the mundane and into a glitched-out cyberpunk world.


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