Sarina Wiegman reassures that England is not in a state of panic after suffering a costly defeat against Belgium.

Sarina Wiegman stressed that England is not in a state of panic following their 3-2 loss against Belgium, which resulted in losing control of their Nations League group and Olympic qualification opportunities for the Lionesses.

“The England manager remarked, ‘Such is life, and thus it is with football.’ We are not in a state of panic. It was evident that we exerted great effort, attempting to find openings and utilizing various crosses while maintaining possession in the final third. However, we fell short with the final touch…though we did have opportunities to score goals.”

Wiegman verified that Alex Greenwood was in good condition and able to walk, but has a concussion after being substituted off on a stretcher while wearing a head brace and needing oxygen due to a rough collision with Jassina Blom in the first half.

According to Wiegman, Greenwood is doing well. I have not had a chance to talk to her or the doctor, but I heard she is up and about. While she does have a concussion, it is a relief that she is able to move around and is in good condition.

England was in control against Belgium, but did not take full advantage and ended up being penalized on the attack. Wiegman expressed her disappointment and frustration with the outcome.

She expressed her disappointment and frustration, stating that the situation was unnecessary. Our goal was to improve upon our performance from Friday’s match, which we won with a score of 1-0 in the opposite fixture.

“There were a few improvements we aimed to make today, but ultimately our performance was lacking. Our opponents were able to execute more counterattacks compared to Friday’s game, indicating their strong strategy. In hindsight, we could have performed better in that aspect.”

Regarding England’s chances of qualifying for Team GB at the Paris Olympics next summer, Wiegman stated that it is a close race. She also mentioned that the team will focus on their own performance and play at Wembley against the Netherlands, which they are eager for.

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We aim to demonstrate our abilities and prove that we can perform at a higher level, especially when facing a strong opponent. Our goal is to secure a victory with a margin of more than one point, and then continue our winning streak against Scotland. Our objective is straightforward and we are determined to achieve it.


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