The Jackdaw review is a crime thriller set in northeast England that ultimately becomes a dull commentary on the movie “Get Carter.”

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It may seem like an attractive idea: a brooding crime drama taking place in the north-east, directed by experienced TV professional Jamie Childs in his first feature film. However, the result is a disappointing disappointment: a charmless imitation of “Get Carter” lacking any excitement, filled with tired stereotypes that persist in British cinema. The action scenes lack energy and are often dull, the characters are uninteresting and unconvincing, and the acting is wooden and lifeless.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen portrays the character of Jack Dawson, who is also known as “Jackdaw”. He is a former motocross champion and a biker who has returned to his hometown after serving in the army. Desperate for money, he impulsively accepts a questionable job from a criminal acquaintance in the club scene to retrieve a hidden package. However, this acquaintance double-crosses Jack and also kidnaps his vulnerable brother. In one night, Jack embarks on a mission to find the culprits, riding through the night on his motorcycle. Jenna Coleman plays Bo, Jack’s former love interest; Joe Blakemore plays Silas, a flashy rave organizer and drug dealer; and Rory McCann portrays the menacing villain Armstrong.

There are a few well-crafted scenes, and Thomas Turgoose, portraying a silly character named Craig who is involved with the criminal world, brings some energy to the story – he is able to loosen up in a way that the other actors cannot. However, these elements are not enough to bring this to life.

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