Klopp praises Salah’s continuous improvement and describes him as a constant danger due to his youthfulness.

Jürgen Klopp has stated that Mohamed Salah has a physical appearance that defies his age and a presence that continues to strengthen both on and off the field at Liverpool.

On Thursday, the incredible Salah achieved another milestone by scoring his 43rd goal in a European match for Liverpool during their 5-1 victory over Toulouse. He now holds the record for most goals scored in European competitions for an English team.

Klopp has stated that the 31-year-old player has altered his style of play since the addition of Darwin Núñez and the departure of Roberto Firmino. He believes that the successful adaptation is a clear indication of Salah’s exceptional skills on the field.

The Liverpool manager stated that he has been an important figure for the team for a considerable amount of time. However, he has also been developing in his role both in football and in a broader sense, demonstrating that at the highest level, it’s important to savor the moment before moving forward. This is exactly what he is doing.

When he was young, Mo was a very quick player who excelled at making runs and working with Edin Dzeko at Roma. When he joined our team, he had to adjust to a different role, but he did so successfully. Initially, Bobby Firmino played the playmaker role in the front row, so having two deeper players was not necessary. However, with the addition of Darwin, who brings another level of speed, Mo’s position has changed slightly. He is intelligent enough to adapt to these changes and he has shown tremendous growth since joining the team. He has been a world-class player in every phase, which is the highest praise one can receive.

Klopp stated: “We value him and his contributions will be even more valued in the future when we look back on his career and say, ‘Wow, we witnessed something truly extraordinary.'”

Klopp remains confident that Salah will thrive at a higher level with Liverpool for many years, despite persistent interest from Saudi Arabia. According to Klopp, Salah not only displays maturity off the field, but he also still has room to grow as a young player. The Egypt international is in excellent physical condition, with a body that would suggest he is only 19 or 20 years old. His dedication to maintaining his fitness is evident.

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“It is evident that Mo has a strong understanding of the field and how his teammates move around him. Even if he is not able to score, he remains a formidable threat for our opponents. This constant threat is crucial for our team, as it creates more opportunities for our other players. It is difficult to compare Mo to other 30-year-olds because I believe he defies typical biological expectations.”

Source: theguardian.com

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