. Humza Yousaf is unsure about the well-being of his in-laws in Gaza.

The leader of Scotland has stated that he is unsure of the fate of his in-laws who are currently stuck in Gaza, as Israel has destroyed communication networks in the area.

Humza Yousaf expressed deep concern for his in-laws and shared that his wife, Nadia, is feeling emotionally numb as they await updates on their well-being.

Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband, Maged, who are the parents of Yousaf’s wife, went to Gaza prior to the recent increase in tension, to visit relatives. However, they ended up being stuck there.

Israel has increased its bombing of Gaza and is also expanding its ground operation, resulting in disrupted communication and a lack of information.

Yousaf stated that he has not received any communication from his in-laws since Friday.

The speaker informed BBC Scotland that there has been no communication from the other party since the heavy bombing occurred last night. They expressed great concern and uncertainty about the status of the other party, as it is unknown if they are still alive.

This is the current situation not only for us, but for many individuals around the globe who have not been able to contact their family members in Gaza. These loved ones have been enduring constant bombing for the past three weeks.

Honestly, my spouse is emotionally detached. I am doing everything I can to bring her some optimism and we are doing our best to occupy ourselves. We have been reaching out to numerous phone numbers and family members in Gaza, but so far, we have had no success.

Of course, it is making a difference, not only for my wife but also for my four-year-old daughter. This morning, I overheard her pretending to call her grandmother and asking when she will return.

The initial leader restated his plea for an urgent halt to hostilities.

Yousaf expressed his concern for the current situation, acknowledging the personal difficulty it brings. He also mentioned his thoughts being with the innocent civilians in Gaza who have faced intense collective punishment for a crime they did not commit. He emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire to be implemented immediately.

The initial minister previously sent a letter to all political heads in the United Kingdom, urging their support for a ceasefire in Gaza.

According to a letter reportedly sent on Thursday evening, he stated that Israel has the right to protect itself in response to the attacks. However, he also emphasized the urgent need for action to prevent the ongoing crisis in Gaza from escalating into a catastrophic situation.

Source: theguardian.com

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