On Sundays, Rowetta finds inspiration after taking her dog for a walk.

Do you prefer waking up early or sleeping in? Typically, I am either working with my band on Mondays or partying in Ibiza, so I will be going to bed in the morning on Sundays. If I am already in bed, it means I am engaging in something I should not be with someone.

Can we have a Sunday morning meal? Typically, we have leftover Caribbean dishes from the previous night. I particularly enjoy fried chicken and curried lamb. Although I am not Caribbean, my former husband’s mother would always prepare meals for me. If there is enough time, I will either order Caribbean food or make it myself.

On Sunday mornings, when I have the opportunity to stay at home, the simple act of brushing my teeth and taking my dog, Ché, for a walk brings me a sense of joy and appreciation. During the lockdown, I unfortunately lost two dogs, making Ché even more precious to me. When I am away, he is the one I long for the most.

I enjoy listening to music on Sundays. I have a studio next to my bed and a more professional one downstairs. I only listen to music while I am working on it, specifically a house song with Junior Sanchez, an American producer. Some may not enjoy singing in the morning, but I find it invigorating. After walking my dog, I feel motivated when I put on my headphones.

Do you have plans for Sunday lunch? I am responsible for taking care of my mother when I am at home, so I usually go to her house to prepare a Sunday roast with my son, who lives nearby. He is 39 years old and my daughter is 40. Sunday is the designated family day.

On Sunday afternoons, my favorite activity is watching football. I am a huge supporter of Manchester United. While I am aware that Oasis and Johnny Marr support Manchester City, the majority of Manchester is in favor of the red team.

On Sunday nights when I don’t have a performance, I like to watch mindless television shows like Love Island or Married At First Sight. It helps me relax and forget about everything else.

Can you attend Sunday performances? Fans who come to watch the Mondays on a Sunday are extremely dedicated. If you support us, you support us, and as our song declares, we are the ultimate party people, 24/7!

Do you enjoy Mondays? I don’t mind them because that’s when I catch up on emails and chat with fans about the weekend. Tuesdays are the most challenging day for me.


The new track “In Ecstasy” by Shed Seven, featuring Rowetta, is now available. It is part of the album “A Matter of Time”, which was released on January 5th, 2024.

Source: theguardian.com

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