Turkey 3-1 Georgia: Euro 2024 – live reaction

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Georgia, who were superb. If they play like that against Czech Republic, they’ve every chance of forcing a result.Turkey fans feeling those feelings that only football can make you feel. What a sport! There is nothing, nothing like it.Georgia, who’ve been fantastic, and properly pursued an equaliser. But when someone, I don’t see who, loses out in a 50:50, Akturkoglu brings the ball away, and passes into an empty net! What a game, mates; what a joy to enjoy it.

Georgia have a free-kick 40 yards out; the big goalie’s coming up!Georgia think about each other and why?”

I agree. I can’t tell you how much of the nothing I know and understand about the world is because of my sport addiction.

Georgia at arms’ length since Kochorashvili hit the bar what seems like an epoch ago.Turkey, the excellent Yildiz replaced by Akturkoglu and Celik coming on for Muldur.Turkey might’ve gone to three at the back; I gues they’re looking to protect their lead without sitting back to invite pressure, because they’ve still got three up.Georgia, Davitashvili and Lochoshviki for Tsitaishvili and and a bewildered-looking Chavetadze.Georgia have got such moxie – they might’ve folded after going behind, but instead they’ve found new conviction.Turkey again, Yildiz racing down the left and finding Calhanoglu, who should shoot but instead cuts back … and Kokcu can’t quite find the finish, the ball slightly behind him.Georgia have spooked them a little and partly because they’re just not playing as well BUT EXCUSE ME WHILE I INTERRUPT MYSELF!Turkey break peters out, Kakabadze responding well after being caught to catch up with Guler and block him off.Turkey dominating the ball and looking dangerous. As I type, Guler takes possession just outside the box, ducking inside Dvali before Kochorashvili eases him to the ground; no penalty, though it’s tighter than our commentators think, and the ref brings play back for a foul on the edge. Calhanoglu will fancy this alright, 22 yards out, just left of centre.Turkey are more the chin-stroker’s dark horse – but yup, a beauty of tournaments, all sports, is the surprise early-stage jazzers.Georgia, sweeping the ball from right to left and finding Kvaratskhelia, who checks then goes back and outside Kadioglu, crossing, and the ball drops for Mikautadze! He swivels into a shot, catching it well enough … but Ayhan and Akaydin hurl their bodies in the road to block. Great defending.

49 min Georgia maraud down the right and Kcaratskheiklia is free in the middle. But the lofted ball in misses him out and finds Tsitaishvili, who chops inside and out then shoots wide.

48 min “Re Scott Carson, let it not be forgotten that he’s also got two CL medals at home, quite the career!”

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