Joe Lycett discloses four fake stories he planted in UK media

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The comedian Joe Lycett has disclosed the fake stories that he successfully planted in the British media over the past month included a man with a bruise in the shape of Prince Harry and a statue of H from Steps being erected in his home town of Cowbridge in Wales.

In the first episode of his new Channel 4 show, Lycett said four stories that were covered by newspapers and television news were fabricated.

Speaking on Late Night Lycett on Friday evening, he said the fake stories were: a five-a-side footballer from Birmingham having a bruise on his thigh that resembled Prince Harry’s face, research showing men from Birmingham have the longest penises in the UK, a mural of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in Birmingham that was declared to be a Banksy, and a statue of H from Steps being erected in Cowbridge.

Ian H Watkins recorded a video for the programme confirming it was “fake news”.

Last week Lycett, 35, claimed he was behind numerous fake news stories that have been reported across the mainstream media over the past month.

He confirmed multiple stories have been shared in the national news including the Mail, the Sun, BBC News, ITV News, Sky News and the Independent.

Lycett, from Birmingham, is known for his stunts and pranks. In 2020, he changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest at the German fashion brand sending cease-and-desist letters to some small businesses and charities who used “boss” in their names.

He also shredded £10,000 in a wood-chipper to protest against David Beckham’s ambassadorial role at the 2022 men’s World Cup, held in the homophobic country of Qatar; though the money turned out to be fake.


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