Three women Members of Parliament were assigned personal security guards due to worries about their safety.

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According to reports, three female Members of Parliament have received increased protection in the form of bodyguards and chauffeur-driven vehicles due to concerns about their safety. The Conservative and Labour parties arranged for these security upgrades after conducting a risk assessment, as reported by the Sunday Times.

Unnamed members of Parliament (MPs) are receiving protection from private firms and being driven around by chauffeurs. According to a high-ranking security source, these MPs are extremely fearful of the harassment they are experiencing.

Tom Tugendhat, the minister in charge of security, has reportedly been collaborating with the Home Office, top police officials, and parliamentary officials to strengthen the protection and well-being of Members of Parliament.

Recently, the Sunday Times reported that a new procedure has been implemented involving the Ravec, a committee comprised of members from the royal and VIP executive team. Their role is to evaluate potential risks to Members of Parliament, as part of their responsibility for safeguarding the royal family and prominent politicians.

Recently, Lindsay Hoyle, the speaker of the House of Commons, issued a warning about the increasing danger posed to politicians by extremist right-wing groups.

Hoyle expressed worry over the safety of MPs, which influenced his choice to deviate from tradition and permit Labour to propose a vote in the midst of an SNP discussion advocating for a prompt cessation of violence in Gaza.

“I pledge to protect all members of this House. I never want to experience a situation where I receive news of a friend, regardless of political affiliation, being killed by terrorists. I also do not want to see an attack on this House.”

According to Hoyle, the information that has been presented to him is extremely alarming. He feels responsible for ensuring the safety of others and admits that his desire to protect them may have influenced his decision-making in a negative way.

In 2016, Jo Cox, a member of the Labour Party, was killed during a constituency meeting in Birstall, West Yorkshire, by a far-right extremist named Thomas Mair.

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In 2021, Sir David Amess, a member of Parliament from the Conservative party, was fatally stabbed during a meeting with constituents in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. The perpetrator, Ali Harbi Ali, was known to support the Islamic State.


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