Prime Minister states that Lee Anderson’s remarks are “unacceptable,” but refutes any claims of Islamophobia within the Conservative party – live coverage of UK politics.

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Rishi Sunak stated that the transportation funds being announced today for the county are simply replacing previously withdrawn funds. He also mentioned that the county council has requested £400 million to bring roads in Lincolnshire up to national standards. However, the current announcement only promises half of that amount, which will be distributed over a period of seven years. Sunak noted that this equates to only £37 million per year.

Sunak stated that the council’s total funding would be increasing by 8%.

Is there a fear or prejudice against Islam within your political group?

Sunak disagrees with that description. He continues:

I strongly believe that racism and prejudice in any form is entirely unacceptable, and it is our duty to eliminate it.

When asked to pledge not to tolerate any form of hate, Sunak restates the statement. He expresses pride in the fact that his status as the first British Asian prime minister was not a significant event. He continues:

We are the most successful multi-ethnic democracy globally because we have a unique approach to respecting all individuals while also promoting integration into our community and embracing common British values. This is a challenging task, but we excel at it compared to other nations and must continue to safeguard it.

Sunak concludes by reiterating his statement that all forms of racism are completely unacceptable.

Rishi Sunak featured on Radio Humberside.

The transportation update was reported and Sunak is currently discussing assistance for the steel sector.

here.the transport announcement for the north of England – the main reason for the GB News on Friday:

I do not believe that the Islamists have taken over our country, but I do believe that they have influence over [Sadiq] Khan and London.

Initially, the Conservative party stood by him, but about 24 hours later, they suspended him. This was because he had refused to apologize for his offensive comments towards Khan, the Muslim mayor of London. However, in recent interviews, Oliver Dowden, the deputy PM, did not dismiss the possibility of Anderson being able to rejoin the Conservative party in parliament. He also avoided calling Anderson’s remarks clearly Islamophobic.

Soon, we will get updates from Sunak himself. He is preparing to speak with local radio stations in Yorkshire, as he leads a cabinet meeting this morning.

This is the article by Eleni Courea discussing the conflict that occurred overnight.

All parties have to discipline MPs who say offensive things from time to time, but Anderson is not just a random backbencher. When Sunak made the surprise decision to make him Conservative party chair a year ago, it was not despite the fact that he was best know for saying provocative things likely to appeal to elderly, white, male reactionaries. It was precisely because of his popularity with this group, which is also what secured Anderson his presenting job with GB News.

This is the schedule for the day.

At 8am, Rishi Sunak conducts interviews with three local radio stations from the BBC.

In the morning, Sunak leads a cabinet meeting in Yorkshire.

Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner will be touring the West Midlands this morning to promote Labour’s initiatives for increasing house construction.

At 11:30am, a lobby briefing is held at Downing Street.

At 2:30pm, James Cleverly, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, will be answering inquiries in the House of Commons.

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