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Do not be discouraged by a scoreless first half. In fact, do not be discouraged by a scoreless 95 minutes because the previous game between Burkina Faso and Mauritania was decided in the 96th minute with what ended up being the final play of the game.

The match was anything but traditional. However, it demonstrated that the underestimated team came to compete. Despite being unfancied beforehand, Namibia dominated the first half and possibly could have been in the lead. Tunisia’s performance was quite poor. A significant reassessment is necessary during halftime.

Shalulile took a shot near the corner of the box, 45 minutes and 3 seconds into the game. Prior to that, Namibia displayed some skillful football to create an opening, but the resulting shot was rushed and ultimately missed its mark.

The referee has added four minutes to the game, and there may be additional time due to a collision involving Jouini at the halfway point.

After 44 minutes, Slimane deliberately kicks Nyambe in the calf. This gives Namibia an opportunity to put the ball into the penalty area. The cross is high and the defense fails to clear it. It nearly reaches a player in red, but is quickly kicked away by a player in white.

42 minutes have passed: The corner kick coming from the inside was successfully defended. Namibia starts a counterattack, but Ben Said quickly eliminates the threat.

After 40 minutes of play, there is a corner kick for Tunisia. The ball bounces around and eventually hits a Namibian player, causing trouble for Slimane from Sheffield United. Achouri has to use tissues to clean up the blood from his nose after the ball hit him.

After 39 minutes, Tunisia attempts to aggressively maneuver out of their difficult situation, but there’s not enough room to even attempt that. Namibia aggressively advances and manages to intercept the ball on the move. Although the ball bounces out for a throw, this is yet another demonstration of Namibia’s determination.

In the 38th minute, Tunisia finally gains possession of the ball in midfield after a long time. Namibia is effectively closing down the space and forcing Tunisia to launch long, but it seems without much direction. Namibia has regained possession and appears to be in complete control.

After 36 minutes, Achouri, the forward for Copenhagen, brings some energy to the Tunisian offense. He changes sides and faces a one-on-two challenge. With some fancy footwork, he outmaneuvers both defenders and sends a cross to the near post. However, the ball is too easy for Kazapua to handle and he quickly smothers it. Tunisia improves with Achouri on the ball.

Hotto is performing well for Namibia, becoming more active in the game. There is smooth passing and movement in the midfield. They are now keeping the ball on the ground and demonstrating their ability to play. The ball is crossed in with a high arc. Ben Said comes out to collect it, initially struggling but eventually gaining control.

In the past 32 minutes, Namibia has been in control of the ball since the designated break. Shitembi has been leading the team as a conductor for the Brave Warriors.

After 30 minutes, a Namibian player takes a free-kick from a far distance, causing Ben Said to move off his goal line. However, Ben Said changes his mind and ends up in a vulnerable position. The ball bounces in the penalty area, but no Namibian player is able to respond quickly enough. The ball goes out for a goal-kick, but Tunisia’s nervousness in defense suggests that Namibia may have a chance to score.

After 28 minutes, Namibia’s Shalulie leads a counterattack with support on both sides. He moves to the right and passes back towards the center. Despite his teammates pushing forward, Msakni makes a great tackle to stop the attack. I am very impressed with Namibia, they have performed better than anticipated in the first 30 minutes.

During the drinks break, Tunisia will not be pleased with the outcome, while Namibia will be thrilled. Namibia’s aggressive approach with long passes and tackles seems to be effective, and they could have been in the lead if Shalulie’s shot had not been aimed directly at Ben Said.

After 25 minutes of play, Tunisia earns a corner thanks to Maaloul’s strong run on the overlap. His pass back is redirected out of play. KAzapua attempts to block the high ball but it poses no threat.

We will pause for a beverage break.

In the past 24 minutes, I have been impressed with Namibia. They may not be as skilled as their opponents, but they have shown determination and strong defense. Tunisia, on the other hand, may benefit from slowing down their pace. They appear to be rushing to move the ball forward and are leaving themselves vulnerable in defense. This is evident from the multiple opportunities Namibia has had to score.

After 22 minutes, Tunisia made a smooth play on the left side. They should continue to focus on that area. Although they were able to get to the end line, their cross found no one.

Namibia now has an opportunity as Hotto is unmarked in Tunisia’s penalty area. However, instead of shooting, he opts to cross and the ball goes out for a goal kick.

It is difficult to determine if this has been extremely uneventful or extremely thrilling.

At the 18th minute mark, Namibia is simply kicking the ball long. A long pass finds Nyambe on the left, but he is unable to connect with a teammate. On the other hand, Tunisia is attempting to advance up the field by passing, and they are now exploring the left side. However, Namibia’s defense is doing a good job at tackling. The game is currently at a standstill.

In the 16th minute, there was another foul in midfield, resulting in a player from Namibia holding onto their leg. Despite three shots on target, the game has been uneventful and it’s clear that someone needs to take control in the central area.

In the 14th minute, the majority of the action is occurring on Tunisia’s left side and Namibia’s right side. After an unsuccessful attack from Tunisia, Namibia is able to initiate their own offensive. However, this particular channel has been the center of all the action thus far.

Unfortunately, Khnissi’s race has come to an end. Jouini, wearing the No. 9 on his back, makes his entrance onto the scene.

At the 12th minute, Namibia takes a free kick from the right side. However, it is a weak attempt and falls far from the goal area. A hopeful bicycle kick from the edge of the penalty box goes over the crossbar.

In the 10th minute, Kechrida attempts a shot from a difficult angle at a far distance. Although the shot was high and wide, it was not an easy one to make. Tunisia’s skilled play on the left side led to this opportunity. They are finding success on that side of the field. After maneuvering past Namibia’s defense, they quickly move into midfield and Kechrida receives a pass that sets him up for a shot. He could have potentially reset the attack, but I don’t mind seeing him take a chance from that position.

In the 8th minute, Tunisia is facing intense pressure as Namibia intercepts the ball and quickly launches a counterattack. Shalulile had a clear opportunity to score, but his first-time strike from a low cross on the left was directed straight at Ben Said. However, credit must be given to the goalkeeper for his quick reaction, as he was able to come off his line and block the shot.

In the seventh minute, Namibia unexpectedly takes a shot on goal! A cross from the right side is received by Shalulile who kicks it with their right foot. It’s not a powerful shot, but it is aimed at the goal. Unfortunately, it goes straight to the goalkeeper.

At the sixth minute, Namibia gains possession of the ball after a careless foul in the midfield. Tunisia is showing more agility and a stronger, well-organized press.

At the fourth minute mark, there is a third consecutive corner. Namibia struggles to clear the ball twice, leading to another defensive effort, this time from the opposite side of the field. The ball is sent towards the near post and Taha Yassine Khenissi’s strong header is saved by Kazapua.

In the third minute, Tunisia has possession and is trying to keep their players spread out on the field. Their wingers are staying close to the side lines. Namibia has two defensive groups. A pass in an unexpected direction causes them to quickly retreat and results in a Tunisia corner kick.

After 1 minute, Ben Romdhan is intentionally tripped in the middle of the field, resulting in Tunisia regaining possession of the ball. The game begins at a sluggish pace as both teams cautiously assess each other.

The game has started! Namibia is wearing red shirts and green shorts, while Tunisia is in all white.

During the interim, let’s have a look at the Stade Amadou Gon Coulibaly. It is indeed a soccer stadium, without question.

We have five more minutes until the live broadcast begins. If it doesn’t start soon, we’ll have to switch over once it kicks off.

A special acknowledgement to the referee in the center, Omar Abdulkadir Artan.

Many of his compatriots from Somalia are participating in this Pan-African competition. Therefore, I would like to join in the celebration and extend my well-wishes to him.

A prompt about the remaining two teams in Group E.

The team known as Bafana Bafana, who were champions in 1996 and possess the best football jersey ever created (check out South Africa’s gear from their victory – it’s magnificent).

At 8pm, they will play against Mali. Both teams are hoping to defeat Namibia and anticipate a challenging match against Tunisia. Therefore, a surprise victory would be greatly appreciated.

Only one player from the Premier League is involved in this match.

Anis Ben Slimane, a player from Sheffield United, begins the game for Tunisia.

Ryan Nyambe of Derby is the only English representative from Namibia.

Aside from Aprocius Petrus of Kosovo’s Liria Prizren team, Nyambe is the sole European-based player on the Namibian team.

Tunisia has a wealth of experience playing in Europe. Three players are based in France, three in Germany, two in Switzerland, and one each in Hungary, Italy, Denmark, and Greece.

Will that count?

Some superstitious fans believe that the gods are favoring Namibia.

The team from Burkina Faso, considered an unexpected contender by many, relied on a last-minute penalty in the 96th minute to defeat Mauritania 1-0. This African Cup of Nations tournament is proving to be full of surprises and excitement.

The first eleven players for Tunisia are Ben Said, Kechrida, Meriah, Talbi, Maaloul, Skhiri, Ben Romdhane, Ben Slimane, Achouri, Khenissi, and Msakni.

Players: Laidouni, Haddadi, Ltaief, Srarfi, Valery, Sliti, Ghram, Hassen, Abdi, Rafia, Jouini

The starting lineup for Namibia is Kazapua, Nyambe, Amutenya, Haukongo, Tjiueza, Limbondi, Shitembi, Petrus, Hanamub, Shalulile, and Hotto.

Subs: Haoseb, Gebhardt, Hambira, Katua, Kambato, Muzeu, Kamatuka, Papama, Ndisiro, Wendell, Kamberipa, Maova

This year’s Afcon tournament has been full of unexpected outcomes and surprises. Therefore, even though it may seem like an easy win for a team that has previously won the competition, the outcome is unpredictable as they face a team that has only qualified once before.

However, Tunisia is still confident in their abilities. They were the champions in 2004 and finished first in their qualifying group. Their striker, Yousef Msakni, is aiming to score in his sixth Afcon tournament, which would tie a record.

Namibia relies heavily on striker Peter Shalulile, who is a member of South Africa’s top team, Mamelodi Sundowns. Their only appearance in Africa’s biggest competition was in 2019, where they were defeated in all three group stage matches.

This will only be the second time that these two nations have met, and it will be the first time in a competitive environment. The last time they played was in 2007, when Tunisia won 2-0 on their home turf.

The match between the Eagles of Carthage and the Brave Warriors suggests a clear victory for the former, but as we have witnessed, anything can happen in this unpredictable event.

The start time is 5pm GMT. More information and updates on teams will be provided later.


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