Members of Parliament are now casting their votes on proposed changes to the Rwanda bill in a live session of UK politics.

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Rwanda is considered a “safe” country, but it should be treated as an “unsafe” country.

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There is another Tory deputy chair, Nickie Aiken, who has not stepped down from their position.

Despite the European convention on human rights and other international laws, Rwanda remains unchanged.

Cash stood up for it during the earlier debate. (Refer to 2:42pm.)

At 5:42pm, the opposition lost with 337 votes against 66, giving a majority of 271.

The perception of Rwanda as a “safe” country should be reconsidered and treated as an “unsafe” country instead.

Amendment 19, proposed by Robert Jenrick, aims to significantly restrict individuals’ ability to appeal decisions to remove them. However, there may also be a vote on keeping clause 4 in its entirety, which currently allows for appeals. It is possible that Tory rebels may vote to remove this clause.


He claims that migrants must have strong proof in order to successfully challenge their deportation.

Leigh cautioned against the possibility of falsified evidence. However, he argues that such evidence would not be convincing. He also refutes Leigh’s suggestion that a tweet would serve as strong evidence.

The policy in Rwanda was deemed “innovative” and in line with international law, according to him.

We are of the opinion that the Rwanda plan does not violate international law.

I would describe it as follows: the refugee convention was created for a different time, a time when mass international travel and widespread use of mobile phones did not exist.

We are agreeing that this is unconventional thinking, but in this situation, there are options. When individuals come from a secure country to another secure country, it is necessary to address this exchange, which calls for innovative ideas.

Currently, it is not feasible to immediately return individuals to a boat and transport them back to France. As a result, the Rwanda program is being implemented as a solution.

It adheres to legal guidelines, it is original, and I am confident in its potential success.

Michael Tomlinson, the minister responsible for addressing illegal migration, is currently concluding his duties for the government.

We must determine if the government is open to compromising with the rebels.


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