The Euro 2024 draw for Football Daily has been announced, so get ready for an exciting display of camaraderie and soccer skills.

It’s time for administration.

The 2024 European Championship is approaching faster than expected. This Saturday evening, the draw will take place in Hamburg at 5pm GMT for the final games which will be held in Germany. The 24 qualified teams, with the exception of 21 known teams, are preparing for the event with warmed balls. However, there are still 12 nations awaiting the results of the playoff round, as they were given a second chance to qualify through a Uefa Nations League formula that would impress Nicolaus Copernicus and his Casio scientific calculator. The final 24 teams will be announced by midnight on March 26th.

Who will be presenting this celebration of football camaraderie where the popular phrase “the beautiful game” will be used frequently? Is it trademarked by Fifa? Information is limited, especially on English-speaking search engine Google and social media platform Twitter. The location is the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, a prestigious venue typically reserved for orchestras and similar events. Just last month, there was a three-day homage to Kurdish music, while this week jazz legend Bill Frisell was showcasing his skills on the guitar.

Instead of Pedro Pinto and Reshmin Chowdhury hosting, Football Daily is curious about who will join Big Website’s Philipp Lahm and Giorgio Marchetti, the bespectacled host known for his jokes, in the same style as Gianni Infantino. Will Angela Merkel, currently writing her memoirs in a shepherd’s hut, make a guest appearance at her local draw? A list of desired guests might include Christopher Waltz, Ralf Hütter, Nastassja Kinski, the members of Modern Talking, and maybe even The Hoff.

Hamburg, a port city, is known for producing Kevin Keegan’s iconic curly hairstyle and for being the place where the Beatles honed their skills before becoming famous. On Friday, in the 2. Bundesliga, St Pauli will face off against HSV at 4:30pm in a friendly match. This match brings together two top teams, with St Pauli known for their progressive beliefs and HSV known as the former European champions from 30 years ago. It has been a while since Felix Magath, a former HSV player, made headlines by rubbing cheese on his thighs and scoring a winning goal against Juventus. As for the group selection process, six groups of four teams will be chosen from four different pots. The group stage will then narrow down the original 24 teams to 16, with four third-placed teams also advancing to the last 16. Sadly, Scotland will likely not make it through, and they will have to return home with the band Del Amitri’s music playing in their ears.

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At 7.45pm GMT, Luke McLaughlin will be hosting MBM coverage of the Women’s Nations League match between England and Netherlands, where the current score is 0-0.

Today’s quote is:

“In the beginning, I noticed that the field conditions were not ideal and it was evident in the way our players struggled. We have been traveling frequently and playing in such a challenging environment as HJK is not easy. Nevertheless, I am proud of my team for bouncing back from being two goals down and securing a 2-2 draw. The game was briefly disrupted by Aberdeen fans throwing snowballs onto the pitch and later, snow ploughs had to be brought on to clear the field.”

A break in play near the end to clear snow off the pitch in Helsinki.


It has been some time since you received one of these, but the recent news about Shane MacGowan has brought to mind the fact that whenever I heard Naby Keïta’s name, I would automatically sing the chorus of “Navigator” by The Pogues. It is such a fitting choice that I am surprised it was not chanted at Anfield. Rest in peace, Shane. – Alan Ferneyhough.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Truro City featured in Football Daily’s recent newsletter. As a former member of the youth team back in 2007, I fondly remember the team’s success in winning the FA Vase and advancing to the Conference South. Unfortunately, since then, the club has faced familiar challenges such as financial troubles, administration, point deductions, and relegation. Recently, their home ground of Treyew Road, which has been in use since 1900, was sold and is now occupied by a Lidl store. As a result, the team has been forced to play their home games in Devon while a new stadium is being built. Let’s hope that the new ownership can bring back the glory days for Truro City. And for those who may dismiss Cornish football as a “farmer’s league,” don’t worry, the players also excel at rugby – Jack Stokes.

Regarding the recent turmoil within Manchester United, which has been ongoing for years, it has now manifested on the field. This was discussed in yesterday’s episode of Football Daily. Can I also be one of the 1,057 individuals to bring this to your attention? – Rob McPheely (no one else).

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