The United States plans to carry out aerial trips over Guyana despite the ongoing disagreement with Venezuela over territorial boundaries.

The US has announced plans to carry out flight operations in Guyana, building upon their regular interactions. Meanwhile, Britain and Brazil have raised concerns about the increasing border tensions between Guyana and Venezuela.

The ongoing dispute over the Essequibo, an oil-rich area, is currently being reviewed by the international court of justice (ICJ). Recently, tensions rose when Venezuelan voters rejected the ICJ’s authority and supported the establishment of a new state in Venezuela.

Guyana expressed doubts about the validity of the vote, placed its military on heightened readiness, and accused Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro of ignoring the ICJ’s instructions to refrain from altering the situation in Essequibo.

The Guyanese president, Irfaan Ali, expressed strong disapproval towards Maduro’s comments on allowing oil exploration in the region. He aimed to reassure major investors, like Exxon, who have significant offshore projects in Guyana.

The Foreign Office of Britain expressed concern on social media about the recent actions taken by Venezuela, stating that they are unwarranted and should be stopped.

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, expressed growing worry about the situation and proposed that international organizations should assist in finding a peaceful resolution. He also offered to host discussions.

Lula stated that there is no desire or necessity for war in South America.

A high-ranking military source reports that Brazil’s army intelligence has observed an increase in Venezuelan armed forces near the border with Guyana.

The US embassy in Georgetown announced that on Thursday, the US Southern Command will be collaborating with the Guyanese military for flight operations in Guyana. This partnership aims to enhance security cooperation in Latin America.

This task expands on regular involvement and activities to improve the security alliance between the United States and Guyana, and to reinforce collaboration within the region.

Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, had a conversation with Ali on Wednesday evening and restated the United States’ firm support for Guyana’s sovereignty, according to a statement from the state department.

Experts and insiders in Caracas have suggested that the referendum was more of a display of power by Maduro and a way to measure his administration’s backing for the upcoming 2024 election, rather than a genuine possibility of military action.

The government of Maduro apprehended Roberto Abdul, an opposition figure, on Wednesday for suspected treason related to the referendum. They also stated that there were warrants for three members of María Corina Machado’s presidential campaign.

According to a representative for Machado’s team, their staff consistently behaved in an appropriate manner.

A spokesperson from the US state department stated that they were aware of the issued arrest warrants and are closely watching the situation.


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