During the trial of Brianna Ghey, it was revealed that the accused had allegedly reassured their co-defendant not to be concerned about the possibility of getting caught.

A court heard that a 16-year-old girl, who is being accused of killing Brianna Ghey, reassured her co-defendant that they would not get caught because the “police are incompetent in this area”.

However, both individuals were apprehended the day after the murder, following a call from the victim’s mother to Cheshire police. The jury learned on Friday that the teenagers were in the company of Brianna on the day of her death.

A 15-year-old girl, referred to as X for anonymity, informed her mother that she was with Brianna at Culcheth Linear Park on February 11 before being brutally stabbed 28 times in a prolonged and aggressive assault.

X stated that she and her accomplice, a 16-year-old boy named Y, had encountered Brianna and hung out in the park before Brianna mentioned having to leave to meet a boy from Manchester, as per testimony at Manchester Crown Court. X added that she was not familiar with the boy but was aware that he was 17 years old.

Both deny committing murder and each blames the other for the stabbing.

During the fifth day of the trial, the jury listened to a call made by X’s mother to 101. During the call, X informed the operator that Brianna had “stormed off” and that both X and Y had left the park shortly after.

The trial has heard communications exchanged between the accused individuals following the murder. They discussed details of the event as reported by the media, while pretending to be unaware of the actual circumstances, as stated earlier by the jury.

At 5:25 PM, X messaged Y, informing them that their brother advised against visiting the linear park due to a reported stabbing incident. Y responded with surprise, saying “Really?”. X then shared that police were present in the park due to a reported murder, to which Y replied with shock, exclaiming “Oh my goodness”.

Based on the internet searches presented to the jury, Y was actively looking for methods to alleviate anxiety during these discussions.

The accused individuals continued to communicate through messages that evening. At 11:11pm, X inquired to Y, “Are you worried about getting caught?” Y responded, “Most likely.” X reassured, “Don’t worry, you won’t get caught. The police are not effective here.”

The day following the murder, X messaged Y and informed him that her mother had spoken to the police. Her mother had instructed X to tell the police everything that happened: “We met Brianna at 1:30, walked to linear, sat on the bench and hung out…then Brianna looked at her phone, said she was meeting someone, and left.”

At 6:25 PM, X shared a tribute to Brianna on Snapchat, while Y was browsing the Crown Prosecution Service website and researching the Data Protection Act violations and consequences related to providing or withholding information.

After a little more than an hour, authorities apprehended both individuals at their respective residences.

The jury was shown a video of the teenagers’ arrests, which were captured by police officers’ body cameras, on Friday. After being warned, X asked, “Am I a suspect because I was the last person to see her?” Y told the officers making the arrest, “I can provide an explanation.”

The proceedings will resume on Monday.

Source: theguardian.com

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