A refugee boat in the Channel experiences complications, resulting in the death of one person.

According to French authorities, one individual has passed away following a boat carrying numerous refugees encountering challenges while trying to traverse the Channel.

Premar Manche, a French agency responsible for monitoring the Channel, reported that around 66 individuals were on board the vessel when it was discovered approximately five miles (8km) from the shore of Grand-Fort-Philippe at 12:30am on Friday, according to local time.

After 30 minutes, rescue vessels arrived at the boat and confirmed one person on board had passed away. The agency reported that another individual was airlifted to a hospital in Calais in critical condition.

The report stated that the search for the missing individual was ongoing by sea and air in the designated region.

The coordination center for rescue operations in Pas-de-Calais, known as The Cross Griz Nez, was notified by Premar Manche that a migrant boat was in trouble at approximately midnight.

The agency reported that the Esvagt Charlie, a rescue vessel chartered by the state, was sent out by the center and arrived at the location of the wreck within 30 minutes.

The crew of the rescue boat notified onshore teams at approximately 1am that one of the boat’s tubes was deflated and individuals were in the water. A semi-rigid boat was promptly sent out to save those stranded at sea.

Four additional boats were sent out by the Cross Griz-Nez center, including the Dauphin from the French navy stationed in Le Touquet, the state-chartered rescue ship Apollo Moon, the semi-rigid SNS 077 Notre Dame de Risban from Calais, and the semi-rigid SNS 276 Notre Dame des Flandres from Gravelines.

At approximately 1:15 am, the initial individuals in the water were saved by Esvagt Charlie. By 2:15 am, a total of 59 people, including two who were unconscious, had been rescued by the vessel. Simultaneously, SNS 276 also rescued seven individuals.

One individual who was unconscious was pronounced deceased at the location, while the other was airlifted to Calais Hospital in critical condition.

Premier Manche stated that all the saved shipwreck survivors will receive care at the port of Calais.

Air and sea searches were ongoing for the area.

Over 29,000 individuals have arrived in England this year via small boats, crossing the perilous English Channel. This is approximately a 33% decrease compared to last year.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the UK, has listed “stopping the boats” as one of his top five priorities. In pursuit of this goal, Sunak is persisting with a plan to relocate certain asylum seekers to Rwanda, despite the supreme court’s ruling that the policy is illegal.

Andrew Griffith, a minister in the UK government, stated that the fatalities demonstrate the dangerous nature of the route and the need for Sunak to take action against human traffickers.

When questioned by Sky News, the minister of science expressed his views on the matter, stating that it highlights the necessity of taking action against the illicit trade of human traffickers in the Channel. He emphasized that crossing the Channel is not a secure means of transportation and individuals should not be compelled to resort to such measures.

The government’s efforts to combat illegal migration, such as the illegal migration bill and proposals surrounding Rwanda that were discussed in parliament earlier this year, are crucial in eliminating the incentives and disrupting the economic model of human traffickers. This is necessary in order to put an end to this abhorrent trade.

Enver Solomon, CEO of the Refugee Council, expressed concern over the increasingly frequent deaths of migrants and emphasized the importance of establishing secure routes to prevent them from risking dangerous journeys across the world’s most heavily trafficked shipping lane.

The government is proceeding with its impractical and unethical Rwanda proposal, while also closing down current secure routes to the UK.

Individuals seek refuge from oppression and aggression due to dire circumstances, in order to secure their well-being and shield their loved ones. The authorities must act promptly and exhibit empathy in order to prevent further calamities and safeguard human existence.

Source: theguardian.com

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