The Family Plan review – Mark Wahlberg and his abs forced to revive special forces past


Once again, Mark Wahlberg showcases his skill in seamlessly transitioning between action and comedy genres. In this glossy yet forgettable project, Wahlberg portrays a lead character with impressive abs. The film is directed by the talented Simon Cellan Jones, who is known for his emotionally-driven work such as the BBC TV series “Our Friends in the North.”

Dan (played by Wahlberg) is a used car salesman who is happily living the American dream with his wife Jessica (played by the talented but underutilized Michelle Monaghan) and their three children. Despite his idyllic suburban life, Dan has a hidden past as a special forces soldier in a secret mercenary group that was employed by the US government for undercover missions.

Dan, feeling repulsed by the growingly unethical tasks, left his involvement in violent activities behind and assumed a new identity. He met Jessica and is now leading a seemingly normal and uneventful life, keeping his past hidden from his family. However, one day, some intimidating men, led by Dan’s former boss Ciarán Hinds, come knocking, seeking revenge. Dan must retrieve his hidden weapons, money, and forged documents from their hiding spot under the stairs and protect his bewildered family by taking them to safety in Las Vegas, an unexpected destination.

The screenplay operates effectively and all parties involved are enthusiastic about it; there are frequent close-up shots of the adorable and content baby who remains calm despite any situation. However, the overly mechanical appearance of the movie ultimately detracts from its impact; Dan’s teenage son is coincidentally a highly skilled gamer and the entire film has a similar style to Grand Theft Auto.


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