Luke Evans stated that even the shortest of naps have a calming effect on him.

Cats, caravanning and cakes… that sums up a lot of my childhood. My mum and dad both came from big families, so they decided to have one child and give him all their attention. Dad was a bricklayer. Mum has always been my best friend. Being handed over the nursery wall by her as I screamed to high heaven refusing to leave her side is my first memory.

From a young age, I displayed a talent for performing by putting on elaborate cooking shows in the kitchen. My mother, Doreen, would assist me as I directed her to gather and prepare ingredients like they do on television. She may have complained about the clean-up, but she always indulged my creative pursuits.

In my teenage years, bullies caused me great distress and as I grew older, it only intensified. While I had a passion for learning, my experience in high school was unpleasant. Merely getting through each day was a challenge as I never felt like I belonged and endured suffering.

I have a terrible habit of biting the skin around my thumbs. My nails are beautiful, but the skin around them is what I can’t seem to stop chewing on. I picked up this habit from a childhood friend, but while she outgrew it, I continued. It’s embarrassing that I’m still doing it at 44 years old.

At the age of 16, I departed from my hometown of Pontypool and relocated to Cardiff on my own. As a Jehovah’s Witness, I had doubts that could not be resolved by the Bible. It was difficult to leave behind my familiar surroundings and loved ones. Being a homosexual teenager, I had no one to confide in. However, looking back, I am amazed by the bravery and resilience of my younger self. He should be commended for his strength.

Mastering the ability to refuse can be a valuable skill. It can be intimidating to reject opportunities, but it allows you to prioritize your self-worth. You never know what may result from standing your ground and being patient.

In Hollywood, they initially flatter you and make grand promises about your future success. Despite working hard since the age of 16, I have never let these promises affect me.

I get emotional when I see dogs on Instagram. It’s heartbreaking. Recently, I saw a clip of a puppy being saved from a drain and given a fresh start. It deeply affected me.

I possess the skill of cutting hair, despite having no formal training. As a child, I would observe my mother in the salon. However, I eventually grew tired of watching the women and instead spent time with the male barber, learning his techniques. Now, I am constantly practicing my skills.

I never planned on becoming an actor on screen. Instead, I spent years working in theaters and constantly hustling by taking on various jobs such as waiting tables, working in shops, and even working as a nightclub doorman. However, at the age of 30, I unexpectedly landed roles in movies alongside well-known actors like Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Despite my success, I remained humble and used my earnings to pay off my own and my parents’ debts. I thought it would only last a year, but 15 years later, I am still pursuing my acting career.

I possess a quick temper, though it seldom manifests itself. Typically, this occurs when I am no longer in control of a situation and become stressed. However, these instances are brief and I make a point to apologize promptly instead of avoiding the issue.

The smallest of naps have a calming effect on me. I am able to easily doze off, no matter where I am, and wake up feeling completely refreshed. I frequently take a nap right before a performance.

Anyone who says they don’t get nervous before stepping out on stage is a liar. But I’ve never suffered with stage-fright, though: a crowd who wants to listen to me? Nothing could keep me from them.

The play “Backstairs Billy” will be showing at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London until January 27th. (


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