Mauricio Pochettino has not ruled out the possibility of returning to manage Tottenham Hotspur.

On Monday evening, Mauricio Pochettino will make his return to Tottenham for the first time in nearly four years since being dismissed. Prior to this, he has not ruled out the chance of managing the club once more.

The manager of Chelsea was with Spurs for five years, during which they came in second place in the Premier League and made it to the final of the Champions League. During this time, the Argentinian oversaw a successful transition to a new and impressive stadium. Therefore, it is not surprising that he speaks highly of returning to the venue, although he is prepared for a potentially unfriendly reception from a crowd that used to adore him.

Pochettino reassured that his strong emotional connection and loyalty to Tottenham will never be broken, even in the face of boos from home supporters. He loves the club so much that he can see himself returning on a permanent basis. When asked about his previous statement of wanting to win a trophy with the club before he dies, the 51-year-old responded with uncertainty, stating that life is unpredictable and we should focus on the present. However, he remains open to the possibility of one day returning to Tottenham if they desire his services.

Pochettino has been rumored to potentially return to Spurs multiple times since leaving the club in November 2019. This was especially talked about before Ange Postecoglou was appointed in June, as Pochettino was reportedly open to the idea after being fired from Paris Saint-Germain last year. His recent remarks may not sit well with Chelsea fans, but it should be noted that he has also expressed a desire to stay at Stamford Bridge for a long time, saying “Hopefully I can stay here until I die!” Overall, he made an effort not to offend either side of the London rivalry, which will be on display in the northern part of the city on Monday.

He acknowledged the importance of both the Chelsea and Tottenham fan bases. He noted that Chelsea fans are aware of his previous time at Tottenham, as well as the intense competition between the two teams in the Champions League and the Battle of the Bridge. He stated that it would be impossible to hide his emotions in this situation and he cannot simply forget his experiences at Tottenham. He plans to approach each game with a natural desire to win, while also savoring the opportunity to be back at a place where he helped create something special. He expressed a sense of calm and hopes for a successful night for his team.

Chelsea is aiming to return to their winning streak in the Premier League following their defeat against Brentford. Pochettino acknowledges that it will not be a simple task, especially against a strong opponent who he believes has the potential to win the title. However, the away team can find some confidence in their previous record of winning four out of six games against Spurs and the potential return of their captain, Reece James, who played 61 minutes in their recent 2-0 win against Blackburn in the Carabao Cup after recovering from a hamstring injury.


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Pochettino expressed his determination to win and overcome his opponents. He also made it clear that he will not make the same mistake as Ron Atkinson did in the late 1990s by going to the wrong dugout before the game on Monday. He explained, “I am familiar with the away dugout because I personally chose its location. I was present with the architects, and it is located to the left while the home dugout is on the right.”


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