Jürgen Klopp is criticizing the early start time for the upcoming Liverpool vs. Manchester City match.

Jürgen Klopp has expressed his disapproval of the scheduling change for Liverpool’s match against Manchester City, which was moved to a 12:30pm kick-off after the international break. He believes the decision was made by individuals who lack an understanding of the game.

The match between the top two teams in the Premier League, scheduled for 25 November at Etihad Stadium, was initially set for 5:30 PM. However, after multiple altercations between fans of both clubs, the safety advisory group rejected the late kick-off time.

Klopp has expressed disbelief at the new time for the highly-anticipated match and another early start for Liverpool following an international break.

The Liverpool manager expressed satisfaction with his team’s 3-0 victory over Brentford, saying that their main focus was to come out victorious. He praised his players for their exceptional response and acknowledged that they now have time to train before their upcoming match against Manchester City. However, he expressed frustration with the timing of the game, questioning how a match like this could be scheduled for Saturday at 12:30pm. He believes that those in charge of making such decisions do not understand the true essence of football and the significance of such high-profile games.

“Collectively, these two teams have approximately 30 international players. Interestingly, all the South American players will return on the same flight. We arrange for them to fly back together from countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. It’s a one-game, one-plane situation for their return. We must be prepared for this upcoming game.”

Liverpool climbed to second place after a dominant win against Thomas Frank’s team. Mohamed Salah maintained his impressive scoring streak with two goals, and Klopp expressed confidence that his revamped team still has a lot more to offer.

Klopp stated that it is possible for the team to be ahead of schedule, but he had not considered it. He also expressed satisfaction with the team’s current performance, as they have achieved the same number of points as other teams despite it only being November. Although the team has not played flawlessly, they have persevered and shown a strong reaction. Overall, Klopp is pleased with the team’s progress.

“We must continue alongside the other teams until March or April. If you are still in the running, we can begin discussing further. Until then, it is a battle to survive in the toughest league in the world. Be prepared for matches on Thursday, Sunday, and potentially Saturday at 12:30pm if the Premier League offers the chance.”

Source: theguardian.com

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