Eidevall aims to create challenges for Hayes during her departure from WSL.

Jonas Eidevall, in a humorous manner, expressed his desire to make Emma Hayes’ time in the WSL challenging and unpleasant, but also mentioned that he will seek her advice once she departs from the club at the end of the season.

Chelsea’s surprising declaration that Hayes will be departing the team after 11 years was followed by rumors that she is the leading candidate for the open position as head coach of the USA women’s national team.

“I am unsure of the motive behind her departure, but there is no denying that she will leave a lasting impact at Chelsea,” stated Eidevall after his team’s 2-1 victory over Manchester City. “It is a legacy that any football manager would be proud to leave behind. She should take great pride in that.”

“I believe that myself and the other managers will make an effort to make her time in the WSL challenging and unpleasant before she departs,” he stated with a smirk.

“Following that, she will likely be among the first people I call, as I believe she has valuable insights on football and team-building strategies.”

“I would enjoy spending some time with her and hearing about her time at Chelsea, but as competitors, we have to put that on hold. I hope she doesn’t have a successful outcome at Chelsea, but that won’t diminish her legacy. Wishing her the best in all her endeavors.”

Jonas Eidevall oversaw a hard-fought win over Manchester City on Sunday.

Gareth Taylor, the manager of the City team, shared his astonishment upon hearing about Hayes’ announcement. He speculated that after spending a significant amount of time with Chelsea, she may be wondering about her future plans. Taylor admitted that the timing of her decision, being early in the season, caught everyone off guard. He himself was also taken aback, along with others.

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According to Taylor, Khiara Keating, the 19-year-old goalkeeper, will be taken care of after making a penalty save but also being responsible for both goals in Arsenal’s 2-1 loss.

“He assured, ‘She will be fine. It’s all part of the job. I have mentioned to you many times that there will come a time when she will make a mistake, and this won’t be the only one. It happens to all players and keepers. But she has also achieved many great things and will continue to do so.”

“It is regrettable, but it will be a valuable learning experience for her. As a player, these challenges help shape you. We will stand by her and provide the proper support. Before we know it, she will be back on the field, achieving great things as she always has.”

Source: theguardian.com

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