Benjamin Mendy is taking legal action against Manchester City for potential losses of up to £10 million.

Benjamin Mendy, a former player for Manchester City, has filed a lawsuit against the club in hopes of recovering lost earnings totaling up to £10m.

City suspended Mendy in August 2021 after he was accused of four counts of rape. He did not return to play for the club and ultimately left in June 2023.

Between September 2021 and the end of his contract, City did not compensate the former French defender. This was due to their belief that he was unable to fulfill his job duties while on bail and during his trial and retrial.

Mendy was in custody for over four months until he was granted bail in January 2022. As part of his bail terms, he was prohibited from entering Greater Manchester, where City’s home games take place, and he had to give up his passport. City is reportedly taken aback by their ex-employee’s decision to take legal action.

In January, the 29-year-old was acquitted by Chester crown court of charges of raping four women and sexually assaulting another. In July, he was also found not guilty after a retrial for two remaining charges of rape and attempted rape.

A statement sent to the Guardian stated that Nick De Marco KC, represented by Laffer Abogados in Madrid, is representing Benjamin Mendy, a former Manchester City player, in a lawsuit for millions of pounds in unauthorized wage deductions.

“From September 2021 until the end of his contract in June 2023, Manchester City FC did not provide any wages to Mr. Mendy. This was due to his being charged with multiple offenses, all of which he was later found not guilty of. The case will be brought before an employment tribunal.”

In July, Mendy joined the Ligue 1 team Lorient. Following his retrial, he and his agent have reached out to City to request compensation for their alleged loss of earnings, which they estimate to be between £9m and £10m before taxes.

Since the two parties have not come to an agreement, the case will now be brought before an employment tribunal.

The HM Revenue and Customs has taken legal action against the French football player for a tax debt of almost £800,000. At a hearing on October 4th, Mendy’s representative, Louis Doyle KC, stated that Mendy is ashamed that he cannot pay off the debt faster. Mendy has expressed his desire to pay as soon as possible and acknowledges that he is facing financial difficulties.

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The lawyer stated: “This may be our final opportunity, if not nearing the end of our chances, at the last chance saloon.”

The court postponed the case for a period of four months in order to give Mendy enough time to resolve the dispute with City.

In 2017, Mendy made the transfer from Monaco to City for a record-breaking fee of £53m, making him the priciest full-back in global soccer. He inked a six-year deal worth an approximate £28m.

He has been victorious in three Premier League championships and two League Cups while playing for Pep Guardiola. The player, who primarily plays as a left-back, has also earned 10 international caps for France and was a member of the team that won the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.


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