The release of Luis Díaz’s father is being delayed due to military action according to a statement from a rebel group.

The insurgent group responsible for the abduction of Luis Díaz’s father has stated that the presence of military operations in the vicinity not only hinders the prompt release of their captive, but also poses a threat to his safety. Díaz’s parents were taken captive over a week ago, and while his mother was released soon after, the ELN’s promise to swiftly return Díaz Sr has yet to be fulfilled.

“On November 2nd, a statement was released by unit leader Commander Jose Manuel Martinez Quiroz, informing the country of the decision to release Luis Manuel Díaz, father of player Luis Díaz.”

“Starting from that day, we initiated the necessary steps to achieve this goal as quickly as possible. We are actively working towards preventing any conflicts with government forces. The region is currently under military control and there have been instances of aerial surveillance, troop deployment, and announcements of rewards as part of a thorough search operation.”

The current circumstances are preventing the prompt and safe implementation of the release plan, while also ensuring the safety of Mr. Luis Manuel Díaz. If operations persist in the vicinity, the release will be delayed and the risks will escalate.

“We empathize with the distress of the Díaz-Marulanda family and assure them that we will fulfill our promise to unilaterally release him once we have received sufficient security assurances for the successful execution of the liberation mission.”

Díaz passionately begged for his father’s release after entering the game as a substitute and scoring a last-minute goal to tie the match for Liverpool against Luton on Sunday. He then revealed a message on his shirt that read “Libertad para Papa” which translates to “Freedom for Dad”.

The player, who had not played since the abductions, later uploaded a message on Instagram: “I plead with the ELN to release my father quickly, and I urge international organizations to collaborate in securing his freedom.”

Our pain intensifies with each passing second and minute. My mother, brothers, and I are overwhelmed and at a loss for words to describe our emotions. This torment will only cease once we are reunited with him at home.

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I implore you to release him without delay, honoring his moral character and putting an end to this agonizing wait as soon as possible. With love and empathy, we plead for you to reconsider your decisions and grant us the opportunity to reunite with him.

I am grateful to the people of Colombia and the global community for the support that has been given. Thank you for your many displays of love and support during this challenging time that is being faced by many families in my country.


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