Organisers state that they will replace the London march for Palestine this week with a local event.

Organisers have stated that there will be no large-scale national march in London this weekend, but over 100 pro-Palestine events are scheduled to occur across the UK in support of a ceasefire in Gaza.

The organizers of the marches supporting Palestine, which have attracted large crowds in London, have decided to hold smaller events in various villages, towns, and cities instead of a national march in the capital this Saturday. This is due to the difficulties of coordinating weekly national protests and the increasing support across the country. The next major national march in central London is scheduled for 25 November, according to the organizers.

On Saturday, regular citizens in the UK will once again gather to demonstrate their overwhelming support for a ceasefire, according to Ben Jamal, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and a key organizer of the march.

Organizers anticipate that tens of thousands of individuals will participate in vigils, protests, petitions, fundraisers, and marches in various London boroughs and cities, such as Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, and others on Saturday.

Jamal stated that they will express their support for the Palestinians who are enduring unimaginable suffering. They will also advocate for the acknowledgement of the root causes, namely Israel’s prolonged military occupation of Palestinian territories and its implementation of an apartheid system against Palestinians.

The biggest demonstration in the UK in recent times started following a sudden incursion from Israel on October 7th, when Hamas killed approximately 1,200 people and took over 200 hostages. In response, 11,000 innocent civilians in Gaza, with two-thirds being women and children, have lost their lives in retaliatory attacks. According to health officials controlled by Hamas, 1.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes.

The most recent event occurred one week after a large group of individuals peacefully marched through central London. Despite the prime minister and former home secretary advocating for a ban, claiming police favoritism, there were no major issues reported. However, police officers state that this bias played a role in clashes between far-right counter-protesters and the police prior to an Armistice Day ceremony.

The Labour party experienced a significant uprising on Wednesday, with demands for an urgent halt to the conflict, while the government and Keir Starmer continue to advocate for longer pauses in humanitarian aid. Many Labour MPs have stated that they are facing immense pressure from party members and local residents to take a stronger stance against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Jamal stated that the backing of Israel by political figures in the UK was unacceptable and unjust. He emphasized the need for the Palestinian population to be granted justice, including their right to self-determination and to live with fundamental human rights in a safe and free environment.

The PSC, in collaboration with Stop the War, the Muslim Association of Britain, Friends of Al-Aqsa and other organizations, will host a nationwide march in London on November 25th. The organizers have stated that the march will persist until a ceasefire is achieved.

Hassan Kassem, a communications officer for PSC in Kent, believes that the conversation is reaching various parts of the country and demographics in a manner that has not been witnessed previously.

Kassem reported that around 150 individuals gathered earlier this month to show their support for Palestinians in Tunbridge Wells during the first national day of action. He expects a similar number of people to attend their stall outside Barclays bank this weekend, as the PSC claims the bank holds over £1 billion in shares and provides over £3 billion in loans to companies that supply military weapons and technology to Israel.

“He stated that this weekend will focus on raising awareness about the impact of multinational corporations in enabling Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on Palestinians.”

The current actions are aiding in connecting with individuals in a unique and alternative manner. I believe that a larger number of people are developing a greater understanding of the issue and the necessary steps to address it.

A representative from Barclays stated that the company is dedicated to upholding human rights as outlined in the international bill of human rights, as well as considering other widely accepted standards and frameworks for human rights.

Our strategy is guided by our declarations and policies, which include our stances on defense and security. We perform thorough due diligence on clients in the defense and security industry, as needed.


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