James Corden has reached an agreement with SiriusXM for a new podcast.

James Corden, known for his work as an actor and comedian, has made an agreement with SiriusXM to produce a fresh audio show featuring interviews. This comes after his departure from CBS’s The Late Late Show in April, as he wanted to prioritize spending time with his family.

A representative stated that the podcast aims to share the untold narratives of famous public figures.

James Corden rose to fame in the US as the host of a late night talk show where he would interview famous guests while driving around in a car and singing along to popular songs. This segment, known as Carpool Karaoke, gained popularity after Corden’s success in British television and roles in major films such as Peter Rabbit and Cats.

The program titled This Life of Mine, which is his latest audio show, will exclusively be offered to subscribers of SiriusXM. SiriusXM is an American company that provides satellite and online radio services.

The highly anticipated debut is set for early next year. It will showcase in-depth conversations with some of the most renowned celebrities, as they reflect on “the individuals, locations, occasions, and recollections that have shaped them into who they are today.”

Similar to Desert Island Discs, the guests will be required to chat with Corden about their preferred music, movies, and books, while also sharing advice and previously untold anecdotes about their experiences.

“I am excited to become a part of SiriusXM,” Corden stated. “Having a platform to have meaningful discussions with the individuals whose work and talent I deeply respect is a dream come true.”

In April, Adele was interviewed by Corden in the most recent Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show. Their first Carpool Karaoke interview in 2016 was a huge success, gaining over 260 million views and becoming a viral sensation.

In 2022, Corden acknowledged that he had acted rudely during an altercation at a restaurant in New York, resulting in his ban from the establishment.

Keith McNally, the owner of the restaurant Balthazar, claimed that Corden had displayed unkind behavior towards his staff on two separate occasions during his visits.

At the time, Corden acknowledged, “I made an inappropriate and offensive remark. It was a mistake.”

Subsequently, he informed the Guardian that he intended to depart from The Late Late Show. “When I accepted the job, I was aware that I wouldn’t be sitting there 20 years down the line saying, ‘Stay tuned, we’ll be back after the break.’ To be truthful, I believed it would be cancelled within six months.”

Source: theguardian.com

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