. According to reports, Taylor Swift’s fans have been waiting in line for five months in anticipation of her shows in Argentina.

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has been a massive success, generating billions of dollars and setting records for audience size and impact across the United States. Now, the singer is bringing her tour to South America, and fans have been eagerly waiting for five months to see her perform.

A group of dedicated fans of Taylor Swift have been camping outside of River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. They are eagerly awaiting her three upcoming concerts on November 9th, 10th, and 11th, which mark the start of her Latin American tour.

As stated by Pitchfork, there are four tents and numerous fans present. Each member follows a carefully planned schedule of rotations to ensure that the tents are always occupied. The majority of fans have obtained general admission tickets for the concert, with the goal of getting as close to the stage as possible when the doors open.

According to Pitchfork, a spreadsheet made by two organizers and maintained by designated administrators is used to monitor approximately 60 individuals per tent. The majority of these individuals are young women, with a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

The system consists of a collection of regulations that were made public when camping commenced in June.

All members must complete one overnight shift in the tents and commit to at least 60 hours per month. Pitchfork states that nobody is obligated to abandon their duties to work at the tents, but those who have devoted the most time will have a higher chance of getting better spots at the show.

A 21-year-old fan of Taylor Swift shared with a music publication, “We’ve been staying in this tent for five months.” She typically lies to her father about her whereabouts, telling him she is at a park or visiting a friend who lives near the stadium. She chose to remain anonymous to prevent her father from recognizing her.

A different supporter informed Pitchfork that her mother was informed about the camping and gave her permission to join as long as she passed her college exams. She stated, “The large number of people makes things more convenient. We each have our own schedules and can fit in accordingly.”

The group has faced negative attention and disapproval from people passing by. According to one fan named Carmen who spoke to Pitchfork, “People seem to be very angry with us for camping for some reason.” She also mentioned instances of being yelled at while trying to sleep, with someone shouting “Go to work!” at 2am. She found it ironic that the person yelling was also outside and should have work the next day.

Swifties, as a fanbase, are known for their impressive organization. In December, a collective of American fans took legal action against Ticketmaster for their tumultuous attempt to purchase tickets for the Eras tour. Additionally, the fanbase has initiated various campaigns targeting fashion labels, music reviewers, and Swift’s past significant others.

The tour for Eras commenced in March of this year and will continue until 2024, following the completion of its Latin American segment this year.

A concert movie, created in October, was compiled from three live recordings of Swift’s performances in Los Angeles. It quickly became the top-grossing concert film in the US after only one weekend.

Source: theguardian.com

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