A government official was robbed and the firearms of their security team were taken in South Africa.

Police have reported that a government minister in South Africa was the victim of a robbery, during which her bodyguards had their firearms taken. Authorities in the country have labeled this event as an “unprecedented incident”.

According to police, the incident occurred on Monday while the transport minister, Sindisiwe Chikunga, was traveling on a highway south of Johannesburg.

According to the transportation ministry, the minister’s vehicle was brought to a halt when its tires were punctured by spikes, allowing thieves to steal valuables from the passengers.

According to the statement, the minister and her guards came out of the experience without any harm or danger.

According to Athlenda Mathe, a spokesperson for the police, the thieves escaped with personal items and two firearms from the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Mathe stated that a search for the individuals responsible has been initiated in light of this unprecedented occurrence in order to hold them accountable.

For a while now, South Africa has been known for its high rates of violent crime and is frequently characterized as being among the most hazardous nations in the world, not including those in active war.

According to official data, law enforcement registered over 500 robberies and nearly 70 murders per day in the country with a population of 62 million from April to June of this year. The government has faced criticism for not adequately protecting citizens and providing justice for victims of crime.

Mathe stated that the SAPS is dedicated to fulfilling its duty of safeguarding both the government officials and the general public. VIP protection is a major focus for the SAPS and has been carried out with great competence for many years.

Source: theguardian.com

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