Battle at the Great Critique – Dolph Lundgren Smashes Zombies in Tribute to 80s Action Movies


There are numerous things that one may have a dislike for in this world. These include Nazis, modern art, and vegans. However, the strongest disdain is reserved for vampires. This sentiment is echoed by Dolph Lundgren, who growls in a ridiculous wig while karate-kicking his way through a group of undead beings. Lundgren portrays Claude Luc Hallyday, an aging action star known for his roles in low-budget films with provocative titles (such as “Moses v the Nazis!”). Although a supporting character, Lundgren steals the show in Orson Oblowitz’s nostalgic and sometimes absurd tribute to the world of cinema. The story takes place in a beautiful movie theater, owned by someone who has a special admiration for tough guy Hallyday. The owner watches his 80s action flicks repeatedly, and these scenes are cleverly incorporated as mini-movies within the main film.

Terrence Howard also delivers an outstanding performance as George, the owner of the Grand cinema, which has been in his family since it first opened in the 1920s. Having grown up in the cinema, Howard portrays George as a man who is disconnected from the outside world, often dressed in a long leather duster coat and speaking in a grandiose manner reminiscent of a character from a classic film. His troubles arise when Lynn, a corporate developer played by Amanda Righetti, targets his cinema for demolition in order to build high-end luxury apartments.

In this part of the movie, Lynn sends her henchmen to pressure George into signing a contract. However, George has recruited his idol, Hallyday, who now lives in seclusion in Estonia, for a highly anticipated guest appearance. Lundgren does a great job portraying the washed-up action star, speaking incoherently and possibly imitating Ozzy Osbourne. This leads to some entertaining scenes and a humorous confrontation with the villains. In the past, this type of movie might have been released directly on tape, but releasing it straight to download seems fitting.


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