Katie Melua regrets not partying more in her 20s and wishes she could change her past.


Katie Melua, aged 39, was born in Georgia and moved to the UK as a child. She attended the Brit School in south London. Her first two albums reached No 1 in the UK and she achieved success with singles such as The Closest Thing to Crazy and Nine Million Bicycles. In 2007, her third album, Pictures, was released and she became the top-selling female artist in the world who was based in the UK. Her latest album, Love & Money, was released in March and she also celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album, Call Off the Search, this month. She currently resides in London with her partner and their child.

What is the one thing you fear the most?

It worries me to witness older generations having difficulty with technology, as it moves at such a rapid pace that I fear I may not be able to keep up with it.

What is the quality you dislike the most about yourself?

I am easily sidetracked, causing me to complete all my projects just in time before the deadline. Occasionally, it becomes a bit too close for comfort.

Can you share your most humiliating experience?

Two days after delivering my baby, I mistakenly shared a picture of someone else’s baby on a WhatsApp group, mistaking it for my own (they bore a resemblance). Embarrassing.

What is your most valued possession?

My travel document. As a person who grew up in a post-Soviet country and moved to the United Kingdom, the British passport still carries significance for me.

Describe yourself in three words
Living a fairytale.

What is your least favorite aspect of your physical appearance?

I wish I were taller or had longer arms and legs. I always have to alter the sleeves and pants on my clothes because I am only 155cm (5ft 1in).

What extinct species would you choose to revive if given the opportunity?

Unfortunately, my previous psychiatrist passed away last year. I wish he could still be here because he was an exceptional doctor who played a crucial role in saving my life. In 2010, I spent six weeks in a mental health facility under his care.

Who is the famous person you have a crush on?
Freddie Mercury.

What is the most negative comment you have ever received?

“I received a negative comment about my lyrics from a colleague during my early 20s. However, this experience motivated me to dedicate a significant amount of time to studying and improving my songwriting skills.”

What is your most shameful indulgence?

Each quarter, I plan to visit a greasy burger establishment by myself and enjoy a meal.

Who do you want to apologize to the most and for what reason?

Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away some years ago due to my inability to visit her during my last trip to Georgia.

What changes would you make if you could go back and edit your past?
I wish I had celebrated more in my twenties.

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When was the last time you shed tears and what was the reason behind it?

I was on the verge of tears last night due to my lack of sleep.

What is the frequency of your sexual activity?

Let us simply state that we are both satisfied.

What do you wish to pass down to your kids?
A healthy planet.

What one thing could enhance the overall quality of your life?
Being reassured that my loved ones will always be in good health.

What occurs after our death?

I am very inquisitive. We had our son baptized because there could be a higher power, but my partner is a science educator, so I am also fully receptive to the idea that nothing occurs.

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I am a fan of watching Tiny Cakes videos on YouTube.

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