The game between Lyon and Marseille has been cancelled due to an attack on the bus, which resulted in player Fabio Grosso getting injured and bleeding.

The game between Marseille and Lyon in Ligue 1 was cancelled on Sunday due to an assault on Lyon’s bus while they were heading to Stade Vélodrome. This resulted in injuries to head coach Fabio Grosso and his assistant Raffaele Longo’s faces.

The Sky Italia video displayed the bus windows being damaged and Grosso being escorted into the stadium by two helpers. He was holding his hands over his face, which was covered in blood. Later, Grosso was seen on a stretcher with a bloody face that needed medical treatment.

According to Lyon’s president, John Textor, during an interview with Prime Video, their team was unable to have a conversation due to the fact that one of their players had shards of glass on his face. Textor expressed his frustration and anger at the situation, as both the players and coach had prepared for the game and the fans were eager to watch it.

According to a statement from Lyon, six buses carrying supporters of Olympique Lyonnais were also attacked. Although similar incidents have occurred in the past, the club has always expressed remorse. However, on Sunday, October 29th, the situation escalated to even more concerning levels.

Several secure windows were shattered by unknown objects, causing them to enter the bus. Coach Fabio Grosso and his assistant Raffaele Longo were struck in the face and suffered serious injuries. The players and staff who were also on the bus were deeply affected by the violent attack, which Olympique Lyonnais strongly denounces.

Fabio Grosso is treated for his injuries.

The referee, Francois Letexier, stated to French media that due to injuries to Lyon members and the club’s preference not to start the match, fans were requested to leave the stadium in a peaceful manner according to the established protocol.

Marseille released a statement denouncing the assault and sending well wishes to Grosso. The club expressed their hope for a quick recovery for Lyon coach Fabio Grosso and strongly condemned the aggressive behavior, stating that it has no place in both the football community and society as a whole.

“The game that was scheduled for this evening was ruined and prevented 65,000 fans from being able to attend due to a few thoughtless individuals.”

Broken windows visible on the Lyon team bus.

The French Football Professional League has announced that the game has been cancelled following an urgent meeting. The decision on the future of this match will be determined by the competitions committee in accordance with article 544 of the competition regulations.

Marseille expressed their desire for the game to occur “in a timely manner and in optimal conditions at the Stade Vélodrome.”


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