The Swedish dictionary has been officially completed after 140 years.

According to the editor, the dictionary of the Swedish language, which took 140 years to complete, has been finalized and the last volume was sent to the printer last week.

The SAOB, also known as the Swedish version of the Oxford English Dictionary, is compiled by the Swedish Academy, responsible for awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature. This comprehensive dictionary spans 33,111 pages and is divided into 39 volumes.

Christian Mattsson informed AFP that the project was initiated in 1883 and has now been completed. Throughout the years, 137 individuals have been employed full-time to work on it.

Although they have achieved a significant accomplishment, their task is not yet finished entirely. The volumes A to R are now outdated and require revisions to incorporate contemporary vocabulary.

According to Mattsson, the term “allergy” is an example of a word that was introduced into the Swedish language in the 1920s, but it does not appear in the A volume because it was published in 1893.

Over the next seven years, the dictionary will be expanded to include 10,000 new words, such as “Barbie doll,” “app,” and “computer.”

The Swedish Academy’s Dictionary of the Swedish Language is a comprehensive documentation of the evolution of the Swedish language from 1521 to the present. It can be accessed through the internet and there are a limited number of physical copies, primarily utilized by scholars and language experts.

The institution also releases a standard dictionary of modern Swedish.

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In 1786, King Gustav III established the Swedish Academy with the goal of advancing the language and literature of the country, as well as preserving the integrity and strength of the Swedish language.


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