Live updates on Australian news: Qantas accuses the ACCC of disregarding the crucial realities of the aviation industry; Queensland issues fire warning.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service reported that the bushfire situation has improved slightly in certain regions. However, residents should anticipate an increase in intensity on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A big thank you to the teams who put in endless effort to control multiple large fires over the weekend.

The situation has improved slightly in certain regions, but is predicted to intensify once more on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Lilie James, a water polo coach who was 21 years old, passed away.

Today marks the first day that students are back at the prestigious private school where James tragically lost his life. Safety measures are being implemented – the gymnasium, where James was discovered, will be restricted and a counseling center will be available in the library for students to seek support.

The people in the community come together and hold hands as they gather around the many flower arrangements placed in the school courtyard in memory of James.

Students of St Andrew’s Cathedral School lay flowers at the entrance to the school in the Sydney CBD, on Monday

In just four days, a total of nearly $15,000 has been raised through a fundraiser supporting the James family.

Daniel Makovec, a close friend of the family and the event organizer, has written:

Anyone who has had the privilege of encountering Lilie will be permanently shattered.

The family is now embarking on a long journey, tears streaming and numb with disbelief.

As dear family friends, we will mourn this loss indefinitely.

We seek your support and use this opportunity to contemplate Lilie’s affection for her loved ones.


  • During the discussions in Osaka over the weekend, Europe did not present a new proposal. Farrell had stated before that Australia would only accept a new agreement.

  • The opposition trade representative, Kevin Hogan, concurred that the agreement was insufficient.

  • Regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas:

    • The Foreign Affairs Minister, Penny Wong, stated that there are currently 88 Australians stranded in Gaza. This includes individuals with visas and their family members. Unfortunately, the government has been unable to assist them in leaving the area due to the ongoing closure of the Rafah border crossing into Egypt.

    • Wong stated that she consistently favors a collaborative approach to foreign policy and criticized opposition leader Peter Dutton for always seeking out divisions.

    • Alexander Downer, a former minister of foreign affairs, stated that Australia made a mistake by not participating in voting for a UN resolution that called for an urgent ceasefire in Gaza (click here to learn more).

    During the upcoming month, the prime minister will be visiting China.

    • Wong emphasized the significance of engaging with China in order to handle the relationship in a prudent manner, acknowledging the existing differences. She stated that the government aims to establish a more stable relationship with China.

    • Senator Bridget McKenzie from the Nationals party described the upcoming visit as a way to gauge the ability to engage in difficult discussions.

    Regarding the wildfires in Queensland:

    • Today, there are elevated fire risk levels throughout the state. While conditions have improved since yesterday, they are expected to worsen again tomorrow.

    • Victorian equipment and personnel will be utilized in order to assist in combatting the bushfires.

    • There are currently five “prepare to leave” notices in effect for fires near Carnarvon, Colosseum, Landsborough, and Tara.

    Plibersek has recently revealed a revised strategy that will involve targeted discussions with important organizations regarding the suggested changes.

    The Lock the Gate Alliance has chosen to not take part in the consultation process due to the government’s answers during the environment department’s senate estimates hearing on Monday.

    After being questioned by Greens environment spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young, the government stated that instead of releasing an exposure draft and seeking public input before the end of the year, they will now only consult with select groups. During a hearing, assistant minister for climate change Jenny McAllister revealed that public consultation will not take place until a bill is introduced in the upcoming year.

    The shadow trade minister believes that the offer from the EU is excessively limiting for products such as parmesan, feta, and prosecco.

    Kevin Hogan, the Shadow Trade Minister, expressed his disappointment in a statement regarding the failure of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union.

    The offer for agriculture, particularly beef, sheep and sugar, was not good enough.

    The European Union’s proposal regarding geographical indicators would have been overly limiting, especially for items such as parmesan, feta, and prosecco.

    According to Hogan, the percentage of Australia’s exported goods and services covered by FTA’s has increased significantly from 25% to almost 80% during the Coalition’s tenure in Government, spanning from 2013 to 2022.

    Our wealth and tax revenue are being generated by coal, gas, iron ore, agriculture, and foreign students. These industries have all profited from our trade agreements, which is a source of pride for the Coalition.


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