Live news from Australia: Albanese informs that he informed Biden about the need to resolve Julian Assange’s detention.

Mr Dutton’s comments are helpful at this time. He’s seeking to get political advantage out this terrible, terrible conflict. And I don’t think that’s the direction we should be heading in.
Dutton criticised the Australian government for abstaining on a key UN vote and mocked Anthony Albanese for not having secured a phone call with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, since the crisis began three weeks ago.

Dutton criticized Tony Burke, the minister for workplace relations, for his comments on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. On Friday, Burke condemned Hamas but also expressed concern for the well-being of Palestinian civilians affected by the conflict. He urged Australians to differentiate between Hamas and the Palestinian people in their discussions.

During an interview with Sky News, Dutton stated today:

I believe the prime minister should have promptly called Tony Burke and strongly reprimanded him for failing to denounce Hamas and using mild language, which conveys a negative message.

At this time, the government should have a unified stance of denouncing Hamas. However, there are individuals acting independently.

Instead of acting in the best interest of the country, Tony Burke is focusing on pleasing his own constituency within his electorate, which is a source of shame for him.

During an interview on ABC Radio National on Friday, Burke expressed that the attack on 7 October was extremely frightening and was rightfully denounced by both the government and himself. He also condemned Hamas for their actions. However, Burke also stated that this condemnation is not lessened by acknowledging the loss of Palestinian lives during the subsequent conflict.

120 nations, such as New Zealand and France, showed support while 14, including the US and Israel, voted against. Additionally, 45 countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, India, and Canada, chose not to vote.

Australia’s delegate to the United Nations, James Larsen, stated that Australia supports the resolution and reiterates their plea for a temporary ceasefire to provide essential supplies to those in Gaza. However, despite this, Larsen expressed their disappointment and abstained from voting because the resolution did not explicitly name Hamas as responsible for the terrorist attack on October 7th.

When questioned on Sky News this morning, Dutton contended that Australia should have joined our loyal partners, including the US, in backing Israel.

Dutton stated that the United States is Australia’s most crucial ally and should not shy away from difficult decisions.

The head of government had a chance at the United Nations to communicate our beliefs and position clearly, but he did not pass the test.

meet with Xi Jinping in early November.

During a previously recorded interview with Sky News, the prime minister was questioned about any messages regarding relations with China that Biden may have conveyed during their meetings in Washington DC last week. When prompted about this during a discussion on Thursday, Biden recommended that Australia adopt a “trust but verify” approach towards the Chinese government’s statements.

According to Albanese’s statement on Sky News, Australia and China have distinct political systems and values, but efforts are being made to improve the stability of their relationship.

President Biden has expressed his approval of my upcoming meeting with President Xi in China. It is crucial for Australia to maintain a stable relationship, which is also a priority for the US.

According to Albanese, American officials were in talks with Chinese officials, which he viewed as a positive development.

At 9am, Anthony Albanese will be featured on Insiders in a previously recorded interview from the United States. Additionally, Peter Dutton and Don Farrell will be making an appearance on Sky News.

I will provide further information on those as we continue.

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