Live coverage of the weekly session of questions and answers in Parliament, where Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer debate issues such as housing affordability and the rising cost of living.

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According to Colum Eastwood of the Labour Party, the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland was a result of the understanding that violence could not be used as a means to seek retribution or attain political goals.

He says:

The central aspect of the agreement was the understanding that we could not resort to violence as a means of seeking retribution or pursuing our political goals.

The author mentions that there have been 1400 Israeli and almost 6000 Palestinian fatalities.

When will the prime minister declare that the situation has reached its limit?

Sunak reiterates his earlier declaration that Israel is entitled to self-defense according to international law and they are diligently striving to increase humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

On Monday, I emphasized that we intensified our efforts to secure a brighter future for the Palestinian community.

This has been a consistent aspect of our diplomatic approach in the area, and we will persist in devoting all of our efforts to it.

Will Rishi Sunak support a truce in Gaza?

According to her, hospitals in Gaza are expected to lose power tonight due to a shortage of fuel. She also believes that the UK has a moral obligation towards Gaza.

She says:

As a UK citizen, it is our duty to take care of those hospitalized within our country.

There is a lack of food, water, medicine, and escape.

I am interested in inquiring the prime minister about the point at which he will join us in advocating for a humanitarian ceasefire, considering the severity of the current situation.

Sunak asserts that Israel’s right to protect itself is the primary concern, while also expressing a desire for British citizens to have the ability to depart from Gaza.

He recognizes that in order for this to occur, there must be a more secure setting – which requires designated breaks, rather than a ceasefire.

Sunak stated that this was discussed at the United Nations last night.

Ever since Keir Starmer’s trip to Israel and the Middle East.

Here is a roster of Members of Parliament who are scheduled to ask a question.

Oral questions to the prime minister.

The impact of Storm Babet was more difficult to anticipate due to the eastern direction of the rain.

Thérèse Coffey’s comments to the House of Commons’ environment committee led to the Liberal Democrats urging her to take control and stop shifting the blame onto others for her shortcomings.

The Environment Agency reports that Storm Babet resulted in the deaths of at least seven individuals, leaving hundreds without homes and causing flooding in approximately 1,250 properties in England.

Coffey told MPs on Tuesday:

One of the things that happened particularly with Storm Babet is that we are very good, with the Met Office and the Environment Agency’s flood forecasting [centre], at predicting weather normally because most of our rain tends to come in from the west. We’ve got that pretty much down to a fine art.

The rain was coming from a different direction which we do not have as much experience with. As a result, our ability to predict where the heavy rain would fall was not as accurate compared to if it had come from a familiar direction.

The Environment Agency shifted resources from certain regions of the country to focus on Yorkshire and the north-east. However, I am aware that there were still areas in need of additional pumps.

The environment secretary, who visited affected residents in Retford, Nottinghamshire, on Monday, said £5.2bn had been allocated to protect homes and businesses from flooding between 2021 and 2017.

However, she recognized that it appeared her department may not achieve its goal of safeguarding 336,000 properties by 2027.

Please click the link to access the entire story:

Since October 7th, over 5,700 civilians have been reported deceased in Gaza, Israel.

Minister Robert Jenrick informed Sky News.

We do not concur with that statement. If he is referencing the events of the past two weeks, we do not believe that Israel has violated any international laws. According to international law, nations have the right to defend themselves, which is exactly what Israel is doing.

We hope to visit Israel whenever possible, but it is a challenging task to effectively eliminate Hamas through surgical means. However, we are rooting for their success as it would greatly benefit the world. It would be a great achievement to eliminate Hamas from the world.

The Israeli army has instructed civilians to vacate the southern region below the Wadi Gaza, while also enforcing a blockade on the Gaza Strip. They have been consistently bombing the southern area of Gaza, where they have directed civilians to move to.

You can stay updated on the Israel-Hamas conflict by following our live coverage here.

Some members of the Labour party are upset about his comments regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

On Sunday, the leader of the Labour party went to the South Wales Islamic Centre in Cardiff. The centre released a statement on Tuesday evening, expressing regret for the impact and confusion caused by hosting Starmer. They clarified that their goal was to bring attention to the plight of individuals in Palestine.

The statement also conveyed disappointment regarding Starmer’s social media update regarding the visit, which stated:

I was thankful to receive communication from the Muslim community at the South Wales Islamic Centre. I restated our request for the release of all hostages, increased humanitarian assistance for Gaza, restoration of water and power services, and a renewed emphasis on a two-state resolution.

The South Wales Islamic Centre replied by stating:

We want to emphasize that Keir Starmer’s post and photos on social media greatly misrepresented our members and the purpose of the visit.

We strongly assert the importance of a liberated Palestine. We urge all individuals in positions of political power to adhere to international laws and put an end to the occupation of Palestine.

The statement added:

A candid and vigorous discussion took place, expressing the feelings of the Muslim communities during this period. The community members directly confronted Keir regarding his remarks on the Israeli government’s authority to restrict supplies of food, electricity, and water to Gaza, which could be considered war crimes. They also addressed his failure to demand an immediate end to hostilities.

Following pressure, the leader of the Labour party had to clarify his statements regarding Israel’s choice to restrict resources to Gaza.

Please click on the link to access the complete article:

According to Robert Jenrick, there have been individuals observed commending acts of terror and expressing support for Hamas.

The Home Office minister declined to discuss individual visa-holders who are undergoing conduct reviews, citing the need to follow proper legal procedures.

Jenrick told Times Radio:

We have witnessed individuals glorifying and praising terrorist acts, such as displaying anti-Semitic signs and being interviewed in the media to support Hamas.

This type of behavior is unacceptable. It should not be tolerated on our streets, especially if the person responsible is a visitor to our country.

As the immigration minister, I cannot bring myself to face a British Jewish individual and admit that I have permitted someone who behaves in such a manner to stay in our country at our discretion. This is unacceptable.

When you visit this nation, you must adhere to the values of Britain.

The UK’s Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick, seemed to imply that he believes individuals with UK visas should be removed from the country for promoting antisemitism, even if their behavior does not meet the criteria for criminal charges.

It comes after he told the commons on Tuesday that the process of revoking visas and expelling foreign nationals who spread “hate and division” has already begun “in a small number of cases”.

When questioned on Times Radio, the Conservative minister stated that a person who waved a Palestinian flag at a protest could potentially have their visa cancelled.

We support the right to freedom of expression.

I do not agree with the idea that a person visiting the UK should have the freedom to express anti-Semitic views and make threats towards British communities, unless their actions are deemed criminal.

I believe there are actions that do not meet the legal standard of criminal behavior, but are still morally wrong and would be acknowledged as such by most rational individuals.

If the individuals in question are not citizens of Britain, but rather visitors who are taking advantage of the benefits of residing here and being in the company of fellow British citizens, then unfortunately their visas will be cancelled and they will be required to depart from the country.

Shadow minister confirms that Keir Starmer will have a regular meeting with Labour MPs to discuss the party’s stance on the current situation in Israel and Gaza.

It has been reported that the leader of the Labour party and his deputy, Angela Rayner, will meet with Muslim MPs and peers on Wednesday after the prime minister’s questions.

Last week, Starmer faced backlash from the Labour Muslim Network and other groups when he was asked about Israel’s decision to cut off water and electricity in an interview with LBC. He stated that Israel has the right to do so, but also emphasized the importance of following international law.

A minimum of 23 members of the Labour party have stepped down as councillors after interpreting these statements as support for group retribution.

Darren Jones, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, inquired about reports of a potential meeting during a Times Radio interview.

It is completely typical for Members of Parliament – as we all represent varying areas throughout the nation – to desire a conversation with our party leader.

I believe this applies to other political parties as well, where constituents are bringing up concerns to us. Today’s meeting is another instance of this.

This is a highly sensitive and emotional topic, particularly for those with ties to the Palestinians and Israelis. It is reasonable for Keir to take the time to hear from colleagues in the parliamentary party, as well as our council members and other members from all over the country.

This is yet another instance of a routine meeting.

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