John Cleese was taken aback by the GB News presentation featuring Boris Johnson, who he referred to as a “serial liar.”

John Cleese expressed disbelief at GB News’ decision to feature former prime minister Boris Johnson.

Actor John Cleese, known for his role in Fawlty Towers, will be appearing on a news channel for the first time this Sunday. He will be hosting a new show called “The Dinosaur Hour” where he will be interviewing various guests inside a castle from the 12th century.

On the day before his scheduled appearance, Cleese shared a picture of Boris Johnson on X (formerly known as Twitter) and expressed disbelief that GB News had chosen to employ a “serial liar.”

He stated that he finds it difficult to believe that GB News would allow this known dishonest person to have their own show.

Johnson, a Conservative politician, has joined the broadcaster. He shared a video on social media on Friday, revealing that he would be sharing his unfiltered opinions on the channel.

In the video, he announced his upcoming role as a host on GB News, stating his excitement for the opportunity.

I will be sharing my honest opinions on a wide range of topics, including Russia, China, the Ukraine war, and how we can overcome these challenges. I will also discuss the great potential that awaits us and why I am confident that our future is bright.

The majority of people around the world desire to see an increase in the presence of a “global Britain”, rather than a decrease.

The Dinosaur Hour, a 10-episode series hosted by Cleese, will be broadcast on Sunday at 9pm. A sneak peek from the show has revealed that guests such as comedian and actor Stephen Fry, media personality Caitlyn Jenner, and journalist Sir Trevor McDonald will be featured.

In the previous year, following the news that Cleese would be joining the broadcaster, the comedian and actor had a conversation with journalist Amol Rajan on BBC Radio 4’s Today program regarding his decision.

He stated that he had met a few individuals and shared a meal with them, and he found them quite likable.

According to them, the channel is often referred to as right-wing and is known for promoting free speech.

Cleese gained widespread recognition for his involvement in both Monty Python’s Flying Circus and his portrayal of Basil Fawlty in the popular TV show Fawlty Towers.

GB News and Boris Johnson have been asked for their response.


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