European Union leaders are meeting for a summit to address the current situation in the Middle East and show support for Ukraine. This is a live coverage of events happening in Europe.

The Gaza Strip will permit the delivery of nourishment, clean water, and essential medical provisions to the Palestinian community.

Previous editions contained the term “humanitarian pause,” which was declined by three nations, reportedly Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. They argued that it implied a permanent end to fighting and could jeopardize Israel’s ability to protect itself from Hamas.

The following is the itinerary for today:

2pm Arrival of leaders at the doorstep

3pm Summit opens

7:30pm Dinner

Press conference TBC

On the agenda:

Possible rewording:
– The bloc’s seven-year budget, also called the Multiannual Financial Framework, is undergoing revisions. There will be a brief conversation about whether Ukraine’s long-term support should be included in the EU budget as a whole or have a separate allocation. However, no final decision will be made until the December summit.

The Ukrainian president, Vlodymyr Zelenskiy, will speak to the leaders and then lead a conversation on defense and community needs as the war enters its second winter.

The Middle East situation will be addressed during the dinner conversation.

Tomorrow, the focus of leaders will be on the economy, competitiveness, and migration.

The European Union will face its greatest challenges yet,” she remarked.

Metsola stated that the objectives are evident for the European parliament.

Hamas needs to be halted and all hostages should be freed without conditions. Additionally, we must also consider providing humanitarian assistance to ease the severe consequences faced by innocent civilians in Gaza. This is why the European Parliament passed a resolution last week calling for a temporary suspension of hostilities.

We should not lose focus on Ukraine. This is precisely what Putin desires. We must persist in providing military and financial aid to Ukraine.

The EU’s long-term budget must be amended to reflect current challenges, she stressed, adding that the “clock is ticking” on migration policy reforms and much more work is needed on returns.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola addresses the press as she arrives for a EU leaders Summit at The European Council Building in Brussels on October 26, 2023.

The European Union is urging for an instant halt to the conflict and prompt actions to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The statement was signed by Clare Daly, Mick Wallace, Chris MacManus, Ciaran Cuffe, Grace O’Sullivan, Billy Kelleher, Colm Markey, and Luke Ming Flanagan. They expressed their views in the statement.

We emphasize the widespread relevance of international humanitarian law and its obligation for all sides involved in any conflicts. We want to remind the Council that engaging in indiscriminate warfare that results in the death of innocent civilians is never justifiable, regardless of the situation. Considering the intense fighting and significant loss of life so far, we believe that anything less than an immediate ceasefire would go against the European Union’s duty to uphold international law, safeguard human life, and establish peace.


The European Union operates by a set of regulations that guide our decision-making process. Unfortunately, we lack a robust mechanism to address the actions of Hungary.

She expressed her surprise at Hungary’s decision to hold opposing views compared to most member states and to not join the eurozone despite facing high inflation.

She stated that Hungary is reliant on the EU.

However, she added that she did not believe Hungary would delay Sweden’s NATO membership for an extended period of time.

She stated that when Turkey joins us, we will likely also find a solution with Hungary.

Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas attends a joint press conference with France's President at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, 18 October 2023.

“The European Union is unified in its defense of our principles and values,” he stated.

We stand behind Israel and its right to protect itself, in accordance with international law and humanitarian principles. We denounce Hamas and their violent acts of terrorism, and we will address ways to ensure humanitarian aid can reach those in need. We believe that the safety of civilians should be a priority at all times and in all places.

He stated that he is sure that once again, we will declare and convey a firm and united stance.

The leader of the Council also emphasized the importance of clearly showing our support for Ukraine for an indefinite amount of time. The leaders will also address ways to increase support.

According to Michel, the leaders of countries will address the topic of Russia’s suspended assets and strategies for raising funds to reconstruct Ukraine.

Regarding the long-term budget of the bloc, Michel expressed confidence that the meeting will aid in advancing the discussions, with the goal of reaching an agreement by the end of the year.

European Council President Charles Michel arrives for a EU leaders Summit at the European Council Building in Brussels on 26 October 2023.

The authorities in Gaza have agreed to permit the delivery of essential provisions such as food, water, and medical supplies to the Palestinian population.

Previous versions of the document contained the term “humanitarian pause,” which was opposed by three countries, reportedly Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria. These nations believed that the term implied a permanent end to fighting and could potentially undermine Israel’s right to protect itself against Hamas.

Here is today’s schedule:

Leaders will arrive at the doorsteps at 2pm.

3pm Summit opens

7:30pm Dinner

Press conference TBC

On the agenda:

1. Changes to the bloc’s seven-year budget, known as the Multiannual Financial Framework. A brief discussion is expected on whether the long term support for Ukraine should be in the overall EU budget or separately. No decision is expected, however, until the December summit.

Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelenskiy will speak to the leaders about defense and civilian needs as the country enters its second winter of war.

The topic of the Middle East will be addressed during dinner.

Tomorrow, the focus for leaders will be on the economy, competitiveness, and migration.

The Europe blog, currently reporting from the European Council summit in Brussels.

In the near future, leaders from the group of 27 nations will convene for a meeting lasting two days. It is anticipated that there will be extensive discussions on a range of topics including the Middle East and the European Union’s budget.

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