Despite a difficult year, it is predicted that Britons will break travel records in 2024 with an increase in international holidays.

Despite heatwaves, rising costs, and travel disruptions, British citizens are expected to continue their trend of vacationing abroad in large numbers next year, according to the latest report from the travel industry.

About 64% of individuals plan to travel internationally within the next year, following a 52% increase in overseas travel in the previous year, which was the greatest number since 2019, before the impact of Covid-related limitations.

According to a survey by travel organization Abta, around 84% of individuals have taken a holiday either domestically or internationally, which is comparable to levels before the pandemic but lower than the successful year of 2019.

The study, conducted shortly after heatwaves and during the chaos caused by the air traffic control incident in late August, indicated that tourists would take more vacations outside of peak summer months. However, affordability is likely to be just as influential as the climate crisis.

Spain continued to be the most popular destination by a significant amount, while Turkey experienced a noticeable increase due to the devaluation of the lira, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Mark Tanzer, the Abta chief executive, said: “Over the past 12 months, household budgets have continued to be stretched by the rising cost of living while travel has been hit by a variety of challenges – including wildfires and an unprecedented air traffic control outage.

However, individuals’ dedication to their vacations and their trust in traveling continues to be unwavering despite this.

64% of individuals are planning to travel in the next 12 months, which would equal the previous high number before the pandemic began in August 2024.

According to a spokesperson from Abta, there has been a significant increase from the 52% who participated in this activity last year to potentially reaching the same levels as 2019, which was considered a record-breaking year.

The survey took place before the war started in the Middle East, but Abta states that their members have not seen any impact on travel reservations thus far.

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The study discovered an increase in individuals embarking on multi-location trips as part of their post-pandemic bucket list.

Abta noted that, in addition to living expenses, the consideration of sustainable travel was influencing people’s vacation choices. However, there was a notable discrepancy between individuals’ stated intentions and their actual bookings.

Although a majority of individuals expressed worry about various issues, with animal welfare being the most prominent, only 47% acknowledged the environmental effects of air travel. Surprisingly, only 12% actively opted for alternative modes of transportation, and 50% did not take these concerns into consideration when making travel arrangements.

According to a spokesperson from Abta, while some individuals do follow through with their intentions, there is often a discrepancy between what people say and what they do. However, it is positive to note that people are considering environmental factors when making decisions.


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