Authorities are searching for a 70-year-old sex offender following the discovery of a deceased woman in a flat in Somerset.

Authorities are currently seeking a convicted sex offender who disappeared following the discovery of a woman’s body at his residence in Minehead, Somerset.

The detectives expressed concern that 70-year-old Richard Scatchard may be a potential threat to any women he becomes involved with. They are also worried that he may have already harmed someone since he has been missing for 10 days.

Police report that Scatchard, who was imprisoned in 2000 for administering drugs and committing sexual assault against victims, may be located in any location within the country.

Avon and Somerset police revealed that their professional standards department was looking at how officers initially acted when they were called to Scatchard’s home after the death of 61-year-old Kelly Faiers.

The ambulance service reported the passing of Faiers, a resident of Weston-super-Mare, at Scatchard’s residence on Sunday, October 15th. Police officers arrived and came back the next day, October 16th, to question him about the incident. However, he was nowhere to be found.

Kelly Faiers

The results of a forensic autopsy to determine the reason for Faiers’ passing were inconclusive. Her passing is being considered suspicious by authorities until additional tests are completed.

DCI Jess Aston stated that they initially considered Scatchard to be a high-risk missing individual due to fears that he posed an imminent and severe threat to himself. However, as their investigation has progressed, their focus has shifted from his well-being to the potential danger he may pose to others.

Based on his past actions and the information we’ve gathered since he went missing, we are concerned that he may have developed a new connection with one or more women, putting their safety at high risk.

“Scatchard has a history of using dating apps frequently and has previously been found guilty of committing sexual offenses. These offenses involved him giving drugs to his victims in order to carry out his crimes.”

After a previous request, law enforcement has received 24 reported instances of seeing the individual, with most occurring in Minehead and the surrounding Watchet area. The police have urged individuals to contact 999 immediately if they spot him and to avoid approaching him due to uncertainty about his potential reaction.

It is suspected that Scatchard may be riding a unique electric bike – a grey Gepida Alboin Curve with a pink front tire rim, floral pattern on the rear tire rim, and green and yellow electrical tape wrapped around the handlebars.

He has fair skin and stands at approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has an ordinary build and short hair that is grey in color. He speaks with a Scottish accent and has previously identified himself as Richard Dunlop.

Aston said: “Our professional standards department has been made aware of the incident and the initial police response to it and are currently carrying out an assessment.

We have been searching specifically in the Minehead region, but it is possible that Scatchard could be located anywhere in the country. We are aware that he has connections to Cornwall and south Wales in recent times, and in the past, he has had connections to Cheshire and Leicestershire. He was most recently spotted in Minehead on October 16th.


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