Anthony Pratt stated that the royal advisers were seeking to stop making payments to Prince Charles in order to avoid any potential appearances.

According to recently released audio, Anthony Pratt, a wealthy individual from Australia, stated that advisors of Prince Charles requested him to discontinue making payments to the future king because “he does not want any appearance of impropriety.”

On Tuesday, The Nine newspapers released additional secretly recorded audio featuring Pratt, the wealthy leader of a company focused on packaging and recycling. In the recordings, he discusses his connections with influential international figures, including Charles.

Pratt can be heard in the recording talking about large sums of money that were given as donations to the Prince of Wales. He mentions receiving a response from Prince Charles’s advisors, requesting that the money be donated to the Prince’s Trust.

“They’re just so close to becoming the king that he doesn’t want me to bring down the monarchy,” Pratt says in the audio, reportedly recorded in 2022.

The individual is cautious about outward appearances. While the action is within the confines of the law, he wants to avoid giving the impression that he is involved, especially after facing consequences for trading a knighthood for money.

It is believed that the recording pertains to a purported scandal involving exchanging cash for honors, in which a previous assistant to Charles was accused of offering assistance in obtaining a knighthood for a wealthy donor from Saudi Arabia.

Reworded: Additional audio clips reveal Pratt’s statement that his wealth was advantageous to Prince Charles, referring to it as his “superpower”. He also referred to the future king as “underrated political potential”.

Guardian Australia is not implying any wrongdoing in regards to the payments.

Newly released recordings come after previous reports about Pratt’s connections with Donald Trump and former Australian leaders Paul Keating and Tony Abbott.

Nine newspapers and the New York Times released a recording of Pratt stating that Trump had privately talked about his discussions with international leaders and revealed information about strikes on Iranian-backed fighters in Iraq. Pratt also claimed that this information had not been made public yet.

The New York Times released a report stating that Trump may have disclosed information about the US’s nuclear submarine capabilities to Pratt. This is of particular interest to US prosecutors who are investigating the former president’s handling of classified information.

On Monday, Trump angrily rejected the reporting as “fake news”.

On Truth Social, he shared that the article about a peculiar man named Anthony Pratt from Australia with red hair, published by The New York Times, is not true.

I have not discussed submarines with him, but I have discussed the importance of job creation in Ohio and Pennsylvania. This is my main focus – creating jobs, a strong economy, low taxes, no inflation, energy independence, strong borders, ending endless wars, low interest rates, and many other important issues.

In 2019, former US President Trump and Pratt had a positive rapport. Trump even assisted in the opening of a new paper facility for Pratt Industries in Ohio. During this event, Trump referred to Pratt as a “friend” and spoke highly of him.

“We have gathered here to commemorate the successful opening of an exceptional individual,” stated Trump. “Anthony is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished men globally, potentially even the most accomplished man in Australia.”

Pratt and Buckingham Palace were asked to provide a statement.


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