According to the inquiry, none of the 10 staff members were aware of the need for a full lockdown until 10 days prior to its official announcement. This was discussed during the live coverage of UK politics.

The comments made by Andy McDonald were deemed highly offensive by Labour. Is it appropriate for him to run as a candidate again?

Starmer states that he is unable to provide a response as a disciplinary procedure is currently in progress.

The government is providing Labour with intelligence briefings. He emphasizes the importance of preventing the situation from worsening. (11:36 AM)

He states that everyone was worried about the lack of communication.

He asserts that if Palestinians are forced to leave, it must be explicitly stated that they have the right to come back.

He asserts that his address must be clear in stating what actions should be taken.

A member of the Labour party speaking at protests supporting Palestine due to the animosity displayed at these gatherings.

According to Starmer, if there is proof of criminal activity, the police should take action. It is their responsibility to make arrests when necessary.

According to him, they are also responsible for enabling demonstrations to occur.

According to him, these are challenging decisions to make.

He states that the right to peacefully protest is a valuable privilege that we should not relinquish.

Will senior members of the Labour party be punished if they advocate for a ceasefire?

Starmer affirms that there is total agreement within the Labour party regarding the importance of addressing the suffering in Gaza.

He states that there is agreement on backing a two-state resolution.

He acknowledges that there are varying approaches to alleviating suffering.

He believes it is his obligation to have a shared responsibility, and he takes this responsibility very seriously.

Is there a disagreement with the actions of the government?

Starmer acknowledges that the government is consistently providing intelligence updates to the opposition, for which he expresses appreciation. He also notes that both the government and opposition are making similar decisions.

Speech by Keir Starmer presented here.

The complete text will be accessible soon. After he completes his speech, I will discuss the Q&A on the blog.

The counsel for the Covid inquiry, Andrew O’Connor, stated that the children’s commissioner for England had requested for No 10 to hold a press conference specifically for children. This was to ensure that they were aware they were not being overlooked.

Cain remembers not being informed of this suggestion. However, he believes it would have been a beneficial concept.

Andy McDonald has been suspended for making a reference. McDonald claims that his words were misinterpreted.

Protesters outside Chatham House, where Starmer is giving a speech

According to Dominic Cummings, collaborating with Johnson was unfeasible due to his tendency to constantly alter his decisions.

Cain replies:

I believe that anyone who has collaborated with the prime minister for a while will eventually become tired of him at times.

He can be a difficult person to collaborate with as he tends to change his mind based on the last person he speaks to.

I believe that has been thoroughly explained in regards to his approach – it can be quite tiring occasionally.

Dominic Cummings.

During their conversation, Cummings expressed frustration with Johnson’s behavior, describing it as “Jaws mode wank.” This refers to Johnson’s belief that the mayor in the movie Jaws was the true hero for keeping the beaches open despite the shark threat. Cummings also mentioned having to step in and prevent Johnson from making foolish remarks.

I have been tuning into Sky News, which can be quite annoying because they interrupt the broadcast every time there is profanity to apologize to their audience.

Cummings's WhatApp messages


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