“Why wouldn’t you give me the respect I deserve, considering all that I have accomplished?” – Eddie Izzard

I loved you in [the 1998 musical drama] Velvet Goldmine; a superb and disruptive movie. Did you enjoy the shooting? GasparGarcao

We filmed a scene featuring an orgy, in a very rock and roll style, at 10am. The shot was done with a Steadicam, so the actors had to stay in character the whole time since the camera could move anywhere. It was a six-minute take where everyone gave it their all in a large room. When the director yelled “Cut!”, everyone stopped and then we were asked to do another take. I was working with the amazing Emily Woof and we had to get very close and intimate in a short amount of time. We would stop, take a break, and then jump back into the scene.

Eddie Izzard in Velvet Goldmine

What is the scent of George Clooney? TopTramp

George Clooney exudes a distinct George Clooney-esque scent. I found him to be an exceptionally optimistic individual. Additionally, he pleasantly excels at table football. Having attended boarding school, I possess a strong aptitude for table football. During the filming of Ocean’s Twelve, I boldly challenged him to a game. I was determined to defeat George Clooney, but he ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 10-8. It is impossible to achieve such skill without having played numerous games of table football. However, I still have a rematch in mind.

Do you continue to enjoy acting? MsRizla

If anyone sees it, my latest movie “Doctor Jekyll” demonstrates my acting abilities. I just finished filming “Great Expectations” where I played 19 different characters. In January, I will be performing as Hamlet in New York, portraying a similar amount of characters. Acting has always been my passion since I was seven years old. I have always had a sense of humor and enjoyed watching comedies.

I was unaware that specializing was an option until I came across Monty Python. I have a different agent for acting than I do for comedy, and I pursue both simultaneously. I have been performing serious roles in movies and on stage for 20 to 25 years, and doing comedy for 35 years. However, I am now entering the world of politics, similar to Glenda Jackson, so I will have to pause my acting pursuits. Nevertheless, I have a passion for acting. The key principle in acting is to be genuine, while the key principle in comedy is to be humorous. These two concepts can be easily confused.

Have you received any official feedback from the royal family after portraying Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles on The Simpsons? – TurangaLeela2

King Charles possesses a strong sense of humor. I performed at a concert for the Prince’s Trust. I believe that he and Camilla married out of love. While I am not a supporter of monarchy or hereditary privilege, I do admire his patience in waiting to become king. He has been a frontrunner in addressing climate change and promoting organic farming. He has made efforts to do good in the past and continues to do so as king. In contrast to the Brexit government’s stance of separation, he spoke in French to the French parliament, emphasizing the importance of working and living together and exchanging ideas with other countries. I have high hopes for his potential to make positive changes in the coming years and I wish him a long life to continue doing so.

Eddie Izzard in Valkyrie

What was your most disastrous performance? nathanadler

During the filming of live television shows in front of a studio audience, a warmup comedian is often brought in during breaks for camera adjustments, set changes, or costume changes. These comedians are skilled at engaging the audience with jokes and banter, such as asking how they are doing and making light-hearted comments like “It’s Jack with a new haircut.” Despite my initial reluctance to participate in sketch comedy or sitcoms, I believed I could excel at warmup since I had experience with street performing and hosting at standup clubs. However, my attempts at warmup for shows like Red Dwarf and other variety shows were unsuccessful, as my style of humor revolves around topics like Mars, cats with guns, and even pondering if whales are the DJs of the sea. My material did not resonate with the audience in the same way that traditional room humor did.

Did you always realize that you identified as female, but presented yourself in a more masculine way because you were primarily playing male roles? Or have you always identified as somewhere along the spectrum of gender? – jayBwalker

I have not experienced any changes in my genetics. I have always been aware that I possess both male and female genetic makeup. We are a combination of XX and XY, rather than XX and YY. In the womb, we all begin as female and some of us are later coded as male. Society has a fixation on categorizing people into strict gender identities. However, I believe that gender exists on a spectrum and can be fluid. This includes who we are attracted to and how we identify ourselves. Since coming out 38 years ago, I have embraced both aspects of my identity. I initially presented as a cisgender male, but now I am more fulfilled embracing my identity as a transgender woman.

Eddie Izzard running

What makes you a credible political candidate in the eyes of voters? Vivster
Why did anyone take Boris Johnson or Donald Trump seriously? If you look at the marathons I’ve run, the fact I’ve performed in French, German and Spanish, you’ll see I’m about making rather than breaking connections; about raising money to help rather than to hurt people.

Some leaders in our nation and globally have engaged in harmful and far-right actions, utilizing deceit in their political tactics. I have strived to be transparent and genuine. I publicly announced my transition 38 years ago. I have aimed to act with integrity – to borrow a term from cricket. Accept me for who I am. I treat others how I would like to be treated.

I possess the ability to communicate and hold a global perspective for the future: every individual on Earth deserves an equal opportunity in life. This includes a population of 8 billion people. My mission is to begin this fight in Brighton Pavilion. I will advocate for the betterment of Brighton, our country, our continent, and the world as a whole – as the 21st century marks the maturity of humanity. It is imperative that we strive for fairness among all 8 billion individuals in this century, or else we risk not making it to the next century due to manipulation, dishonesty, and lack of accountability in politics. Considering my accomplishments in life, there is no reason to not take me seriously.

Eddie Izzard

Do you tend to see the glass as half full or half empty when it comes to your outlook on life? Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

I am not one to focus on the negative. As a person who wears glasses, I see the world as two-thirds full. For those who are transgender and came out in the year 1985, it was crucial to maintain a positive attitude. Otherwise, it would be impossible to succeed. Despite some individuals who may let their egos take over, I believe that there is more good in the world than bad. Unfortunately, there are some leaders who become too consumed with their own power and manipulate democratic institutions for their own gain. This ultimately leads to the deterioration of democracy. It is unfortunate that these leaders become fixated on staying in power and do not allow others to have a chance.

However, it appears that they are a small group who have managed to attain positions of power and control over their country. The majority of us are good-natured individuals. Despite the current state of the world, the vast majority of people still believe in coexisting peacefully. Therefore, I choose to maintain a positive outlook.

Source: theguardian.com

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