The film “Suitable Flesh” is receiving a review, which features Heather Graham in an eye-rolling performance in this erotic horror thriller about body-swapping.


There is a lot of playful and tame sensuality in this film, written by experienced horror writer Dennis Paoli and directed by Joe Lynch. It draws inspiration from HP Lovecraft’s 1937 tale, The Thing on the Doorstep. While Heather Graham gives a strong performance and there are fun nods to 90s erotic thrillers – like voile curtains swaying in the breeze on a steamy summer evening while a saxophone plays in the background during a sex scene – I found myself unsure of where to focus my attention.

Graham portrays the completely absurd character of Dr Elizabeth Derby, who is a female version of Lovecraft’s original male protagonist. She is content in her profession as a psychiatrist and happily married to the older and attractive Edward. As a loving gesture, Edward prepares branzino for her and often walks around shirtless. One day, Dr Derby is faced with treating a troubled young man named Asa, who appears to have dissociative identity disorder. However, it is revealed that he is actually possessed by an evil demon. Asa uses this possession to manipulate and seduce Dr Derby, ultimately taking over her body during their sexual encounter.

The bizarre transformations of swapping bodies are indicated by the individuals trembling and speaking incoherently. Graham portrays a crazy person through exaggerated eye movements in the following scenes. The subplot involving Asa’s possessed elderly father, played by Bruce Davison, seems unnecessary and the comedy overall is somewhat unintentional.


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