Review of “Cat Person” – a gripping adaptation of the popular short story about dating.


The complex landscape of dating in today’s society is skillfully examined in the initial two parts of Susanna Fogel’s Cat Person. Based on a popular short story by Kristen Roupenian from The New Yorker, the movie takes a closer look at the vast divide between a carefully curated online image and the unfiltered reality of face-to-face encounters. It delves into the differing expectations and approaches to romance between Margot (played by Emilia Jones), a college student from the Gen Z generation, and Robert (played by Nicholas Braun), an older millennial man.

However, the accuracy and conciseness of the plot, with its persistent uncertainties and uneasy, unsettling instincts, are compromised in the final act which intensifies into a sensational and messy display of violence that is not only incredibly foolish but also lacks the unease and tension of the courtship that came before it.


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