The course at UC Berkeley will explore Taylor Swift’s lasting impact.

Next year, students at UC Berkeley in California will have the opportunity to take a unique course focused on the popular singer Taylor Swift. This course will cover her rise to billionaire status through her ongoing Eras tour.

According to NBC News, the course, titled “Artistry and Entrepreneurship: Taylor’s Version,” will begin next spring and will be offered by Berkeley’s Haas School of Business due to the tremendous success of the Eras project.

The syllabus for the class mentions that Swift has a unique talent for connecting with her audience. We will examine how she uses her lyrics, branding, and skills to create lasting value and a successful business.

Crystal Haryanto, who holds a degree in economics, proposed the idea for the class and will be co-teaching with a current student.

“It will be a cross section of literature, economics, business and sociology and I think that we’re studying her impact as an artist, as a whole,” Haryanto told NBC. “I want to study her literary devices. But also how those literary devices create meaning.”

The duration of the course is 13 weeks and it consists of interactive lectures, readings, and listening assignments.

Swift is on a fairly lengthy list of cultural icons who have made it to the exalted status of having their music and careers taught as academic courses, including the Beatles, Madonna, Bad Bunny and Harry Styles.


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